A gift that keeps giving, with a huge ROI: Wharton Club membership

Do you have a friend or colleague who's just been admitted?
Or a fellow alum who's not a member?
Or someone special with a Wharton connection who might enjoy our offerings?
Maybe even you - with a gift to yourself

Out of the blue - Wharton Blue, the big Blue in academia - has come a new concept: the gift of a Wharton Club of DC membership. So many benefits, for one, two, three years, or a lifetime. And whether your friend - or you - is a recent, or not so recent, admit to the graduate, undergraduate, Executive MBA, or Exec Ed programs.

For if you want the best value for what Washington offers, Wharton in Washington is your best bet.

And here's your direct link to our President, Alan Schlaifer. While he doesn't have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as his address, you'll have access to many of the best events and addresses in the greater DC area and mid-Atlantic region. Just call Alan directly at 301-365-8999, or email him. He'll help you so that you can take your Wharton connection to a new level.