Highlights of Some Recent Club Programs

Here's some of the best of what you enjoyed and stimulated you - if you were there
and what you missed if not
Wharton Club Members had access to all of these programs:
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Brief notes on a few of our many recent programs:

  • Recent events - all well-received - hope you were able to attend one or more. They're stimulating, fun, great ways to network, and should be a core part of YOUR post-graduate education.

  • 8/25, 12 pm - Tuesday luncheon, at City Club of DC featuring "Five Nuggets of Life Advice," from the great Peter Drucker, distilled from an interview with the former professor considered the "father of modern management," We were privileged to view the 21-minute video of author Bruce Rosenstein's interview with Drucker. Bruce, the author of "Living in More Than One World," shared his insight into the renowned guru's most cogent thinking, embodied in more than 12,000 pages of his books and articles, on areas of career and personal satisfaction.
    • Bruce said neither Drucker nor anyone else had focused on this specific theme from his writings. This program and the one at the Tower Club were so well-received, we're considering doing a followup on Drucker's pointers for nonprofits (he wrote a book on the topic), or at least how his wisdom can be used by individuals who wish to serve nonprofits.
  • 8/25@ 730pm - Tuesday evening, unique performance and VIP reception with outstanding Chinese dance troupe at the Kennedy Center. Special performance with great artistry and skill, together with beautiful music. Members and guests enjoyed orchestra seating and lovely reception in the Atrium with the charming emcees and top dancers from the talented company.
  • 8/27, 1145 am- Green Business Roundtable - and planning for the Green Business Summit, which is proceeding smoothly. We discussed key developments, and how you can "green up" your career or business. Speaker this week was Anca Novacovici, the Founder of Eco-Coach adn co-author of ta book on increasing sustainability of businesses of all sizes.
  • Monday, 6/1: Press Club luncheon with Dick Cheney - Our members and guests filled two tables in a sold-out ballroom crowded with media (about 12 videocams were rolling), and Democrats, Republicans and Indies - although not quite 500 in that last category. Stimulating for all, whatever their politics.

  • 6/2 FREE EVENTS:

  • Leadership Luncheon with Bob Greifeld, CEO of NASDAQ OMX, the world's leading exchange operator by total value (about $27 trillion in volume last year), and a brilliant speaker and leader - captivated all present, including several tables filled with our members.

  • Afternoon / Evening event on Key Issues for Corporate Directors in the Obama Administration, then a delightful reception magnificently catered by Ridgewell's. Thanks to law firm O'Melveny & Myers for their hospitality. Top speakers included former government officials, such as Mike Chertoff, former Secy. of Homeland Security, who rates cyber threats as the most serious we have to face.

  • 6/3 - Benjamin Franklin House Gala at the Newseum, with Sir David Frost (yes, the one), and British Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald, as well as many area and international VIPs - who Wharton Club members & guests met and enjoyed, along with many DC Area VIPs. Ben would have loved it (That's David Frost with Club President Alan Schlaifer, with Brit. Amb. Nigel Sheinwald on the left side and real Charles H. Smith to the right - if you had attended, that could have been YOU in the picture!) (and just curious, is Ben's spirit still in London, not only in his only surviving home there, but in the world's most famous timepiece, Big Ben?)

    Our latest program, a reception and briefing at the Residence of the Education Minister Counselor of the People's Republic of China, on Thursday evening, May 7, was fascinating and enthusiastically received by all present. Dr. You, who has two business degrees including a T-Bird MBA, was a gracious and charming host who spoke eloquently to the capacity audience of the links between education and business. He also cited the 90,000 Chinese students in this country now, as well as 400K total including them, as well as 300 million Chinese citizens studying English.

    If you have a chance to go to the Wharton Global Forum in Beijing next month, June, you should seize the opportunity to do so - if space is still available.

  • 4/30: Making Social Media Work for Your Business - downtown with DC Chamber - three experts on panel and savvy moderator covered the pros and cons of Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and other social media. (One of the best ways for you to be "Linked In:" stay active in the Wharton Club and attend our events.) Bonus: comments from Ronnie Mervis and his son Jon (a Penn alum), Mervis Diamonds (great radio ads with memorable 1-800-Her Love phone #), on how they are using social media (such as promoting a $30,000 diamond-studded cupcake - a gift that truly "takes the cake" for a woman who has everything.............).
  • 4/28: Homeland Security/National Defense Roundtable - Outstanding capacity luncheon program on national goal of 100% air cargo checking with speaker Allan Collier, Chief of Trans. Sec. Admin's Air Cargo Section. Many public and private leaders in the sectors attended; excellent networking.