How You Can Benefit from DC Wharton Club Membership

The exclusive privileges available to Wharton Club of DC members:
If your membership is not current, you're missing out on
the best value - & some of the richest experiences in our region
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As a Wharton alum, you are eligible to join the Wharton Club of D.C., a real privilege

that can enhance your career and life.

If you are a Wharton alum whose membership has expired,
or who has never been a member of our Club,
you may not realize what you are missing
now - and could enjoy at current tax-deductible dues rates before they rise:

$75 to 95 for one year, $130 to 165 for 2, and $190 to $235 for 3

All of the new amounts still save you hundreds - or thousands - year in comparison to what these benefits would cost - if you could get them any other way. And they're probably tax-deductible for you or your employer.

This increase is our first in 8 years, a time when costs generally have risen more than we're raising our fees.

So here's a summary for you of how we've dramatically increased benefits, and why you should act now.

The Club offers an array of special privileges virtually impossible to replicate elsewhere:
it really is a "Club of Clubs." Also, most Club privileges
, including program discounts, are available to members only.

Upcoming events you may not want to miss include:

Luncheons at the National Press Club with:
o Mary Schapiro, Chairman and CEO of the NASD and one of the Wall Street Journal's "50 Women to Watch," at the City Club on Friday, December 1 (pictured at right)

o Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard; date to be announced to members
o David Paulison, the new head of FEMA, and Michael Kaiser, Director of the Kennedy Center

o Joan Collins, superstar: actress, producer, entrepreneur and best-selling author

• Embassy Reception & Briefings by the Ambassador and top staff:
o The Embassy of Luxembourg, 12/13
o The Embassy of Mongolia, 1/17

o The Elegant Trade Office of Hong Kong, 2/5
• More throughout the coming months, including events listed below

· Much more later this year and throughout 2007 - to be announced to members

Recent events have included:
The 37th Annual Wharton Awards Dinner June 5 at the Park Hyatt Washington, which began with a special, Champagne Reception in the gorgeous new entry area created by a top designer and continued in the foyer next to the ballroom.
The Gala dinner, honoring three distinguished fellow Wharton alumni (at right signaling Wharton's 1-2-5th) -
Geoff Corbett, WG'66; Marshall Chawla, WG'73; and Elizabeth Duggal Taghipour, WG'85 -
demonstrated the "Spirit of 176" (the number of people who attended)

Next year's 38th Gala Annual Dinner will also be special, and honor outstanding Wharton and Penn alumni in our area - a terrific opportunity to meet many of the 150-235 who typically attend

• Breakfast at the National Press Club with New York freshman Senator (and past First Lady) Hillary Rodham Clinton
The 5th Annual Wharton Club of D.C. Conference, "Powerful Leadership in Perilous Times: Preparing Your Business," discussing strategies to mitigate risk to your businesses from major climactic or man-made disruptions

• Luncheons with Leaders: the Surgeon General of the U.S., Entrepreneurs such as Marc Katz of Customink ($1MM in 2000 to $34MM this year), Bill Shore (Founder of Share Our Strength), and the CEOs of Shell Oil, the American Cancer Society, and Toyota USA

Fellow Wharton alumni
+ Leslie Morgan Steiner
, WG’92, Washington Post executive and author of The Mommy Wars, leading a panel discussion on the competing demands of family and work, April 13
+ David Vise, on his latest book, The Google Story, with the HBS Club
• A dinner with renowned author and executive Mireille Guiliano, author of the million-plus bestseller, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”, and President and CEO of Cliquot, Inc., which she has grown from 1% to 23% market share in 20 years

World premiere of new documentary, Addicted to Oil: Thomas Friedman Reporting, followed by a Q&A Session with Mr. Friedman

Earlier events have been just as varied, featuring other compelling speakers, including:
Industry titans Jack Welch, legendary former CEO of GE; Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay; Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo
U.S. Government leaders, including Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, and Michael Leavitt, current Secretary of Health and Human Services
Top foreign government officials, including India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh
Wharton Professors: Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor, Professor of Marketing and author in 2004 of “The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business”
• Mike Useem, The William and Jacalyn Egan Professor, Professor of Management

The Wharton Club of D.C. also gives you access to uniquely valuable networking and career-building opportunities that can quickly pay huge dividends. Here are just some of the advantages your membership brings you - but only if your membership is current:

New Wharton Club of DC's On-Line Alumni Directory
Coming soon, with access open only to current members
Wharton Club of DC's Job Board
But only current members of the Wharton Club of DC have access to posted listings.

Wharton Leads Council & Roundtables
The Leads Council helps members get strategic input from other members, while generating added revenues for their businesses. Membership is open only to Wharton grads. Our new Nonprofit Roundtable is set to start on 11/28, and others will follow in areas of interest to members.

Professional Development Series
The Professional Development series has dealt with topics critical to career success: from how to make a career transition and using a career coach, to overcoming obstacles in your career and secrets of working with recruiters, and becoming a more effective leader.

Members receive big savings on programs, such as those, and on much more:
Wharton School Publishing offers 30-35% discounts to Wharton Club members
You can enjoy still more savings, too, on publications if you're a Club member.
New Benefit, Worth $95, from the Gallup Management Journal
Current members may receive a free one-year subscription to the Gallup Management Journal, a source of management, marketing, and other insights you may find useful in your business and your career.
Lodging for Current Members Only
Special 15% Discount at Thomas Bond House, a Historic B&B in Philadelphia.
ReciproCity with Member Clubs When You Travel
If your membership in the Club is current, you may attend events of leading Wharton Clubs around the country (and in London, Paris and elsewhere abroad) at member prices.

The Wharton Brand - Your Club and Your Brand
Finally, a bright, active, vibrant local Wharton community benefits every alum. The Wharton brand helps you grow your personal brand--when you do well, it reflects well on Wharton, and when Wharton does well, it reflects well on you. The Club does its part to create that vibrant Wharton community both at events and through our network...and we do it largely through the support of every alum via membership dues. With Wharton's 125th Anniversary, this is a terrific to celebrate - and capitalize - on your Wharton degree.

You may want to know what fellow alums have to say about their experiences as members of our Club. These are but a few of many positive comments we have heard - as our membership has more than doubled in the past two years and now exceeds 525:

"Mixing business with pleasure…means joining the Wharton School Club of DC and participating assiduously [in] the events. How else [would we] have the opportunity to network at a very high level with fellow graduates and other participants and speakers at these events, while enjoying some of the best receptions and entertainments that the city can offer?

The networking is high level, and the events are first class. The Wharton Club cherry picks the best events of the other clubs and offers them to Wharton Club of DC members at the other clubs' member price. It is a true 'Club of Clubs.'"
---Jean-Francois Orsini, WG’72, PhD ‘84

"One of the best things I did 3 years ago when my husband and I moved to the Washington, DC area was join the Wharton Club of DC. Through my membership in the club, I have met many interesting people and made some great friends."
---Lucy Carone Elliott WG‘99

"Wharton DC is absolutely the best group I belong to, hands down. I've met business partners and developed personal friendships here. No other group tops that!"
---Heinan Landa, WG'91, President, Optimal Networks, Inc.

"I expanded my personal through contacts I made at the Wharton Club of DC. It's giving me the financial freedom I always wanted. Thank you, Wharton DC!"
---Katherine Novikov, W'88, CEO, Diamond Mind, Inc.

"It was through the Wharton Club network and the people I met as a member of the Club that I found a great job. The Club has a fantastic network."
---Larry Larkin, WG'92

Please join now while it’s fresh on your mind,
and before dues rise on November 22
for anyone who's not a member at that time.
Just visit or call us at 301-365-8999.

Thank you for reading this message from the Wharton Club of D.C., and, we hope, your future support.

Alan N. Schlaifer, Esq., W’65, President

Tina W. Wallace, W'82, Vice President, Programs

Dermott F.X. Ryan, WG’89, Vice President, Communications

Jon Schoonmaker, W'76, Vice President for Career Opportunities

William Kyburz, WT'02, Vice President for Community Service

P.S. - Your access and breadth of experience from
Club membership is unparalleled compared to similar clubs.
Now is a great time to join for a phenomenal ROI,
and before dues rise - and your payment may even be tax-deductible!

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