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What happens in your brain when listening, performing, and interacting with music?  Sessions at the Kennedy Center on: Take Note! Why Music Education Matters, Learning & Bonding to the Beat: Optimizing Your Child's Development, The Art of the Spark: Musical Creativity Explored

Grand Foyer: Arts on the Horizon (ages 0-2), Say It with Rhythm, Wolf Trap (ages 2-6), Sitar Arts Center (ages 6-9), Step Afrika (ages 9 & up) ,

Music has been fundamental to every human civilization. Why do we have music—and what makes it so powerful? What does current research tell us about the role that music can play in human development and learning?

Sound Health is an initiative to expand our understanding of the connections between music and wellness: How music is processed by our brain, how it might impact our development, and how in some cases it might be used as a medical intervention for patients with a variety of conditions.

Launched in 2016 under the leadership of Renée Fleming and Dr. Francis Collins, Sound Health is a partnership between the Kennedy Center and National Institutes of Health, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts. In its role as the largest funder of biomedical research in the world, the NIH is supporting studies that explore these key questions. And in its role as the nation’s performing arts center, the Kennedy Center seeks to provide a platform for artists, researchers, neuroscientists, and music therapists to bring this fascinating work to a broader public.

Sound Health grew out of a 2013 year-round community engagement initiative by the National Symphony Orchestra of the same name that  sends musicians into local hospitals, pediatric units, and military health centers in the Washington D.C. area to bring music and personal interaction to what can be stressful environments for patients, families and medical providers, who might not be able to regularly travel to the Kennedy Center or other performing arts venues.

Fresh from last year’s SOLD-OUT Music and the Mind concert, more of today’s most innovative artists join top neuroscientists for our groundbreaking concert experience exploring fascinating links between music, rhythm, and brain development as revealed by the latest research


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Following the enthusiastic response to our first Sound Health: Music and the Mind weekend last summer, this concert is the cornerstone event in a brand-new weekend of performances and discussions. Designed to explore connections between health, wellness, and the performing arts, Sound Health is a partnership between the Kennedy Center and National Institutes of Health, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts. The collaboration, spearheaded by Fleming, builds upon the performances that the National Symphony Orchestra has given at the NIH Clinical Center over the past several years, broadening the scope and bringing together the diverse artistic resources of the Kennedy Center with the scientific, clinical, and research expertise of the NIH. See related events.

Over two days on September 7 and 8, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts, Sound Health: Music and the Mind will feature performances, as well as interactive presentations and discussions with some of the leading minds working at the intersection of neuroscience and music from around the world.

Says Renée Fleming:
“A tremendous wealth of knowledge exists between the nation’s largest performing arts center and our largest health research institute. I hoped we could share and amplify the exciting work being done where science and music intersect, by bringing these two great ins

titutions together for this initiative. There are ramifications here for a host of health topics: childhood development, autism, pain management, Alzheimer’s, PTSD—the list goes on and on, because music’s impact on the brain can be so powerful.”

RESERVATIONS: Tickets: 25-75, plus booking fees, from the Kennedy Center. Children's events: Free in Grand Foyer

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11:00AM - 10:00PM Sat 8 Sep 2018 ( Timezone: Eastern )


John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Concert Hall
2700 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20566 USA

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