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How to Open Doors to Funding With an Effective Executive Summary. Join Startup/Scale-up Expert Ines LeBow, CEO of Enterprise Transformation Solutions (ETS). All welcome.

  • If you are looking to get funded by investors or even take out a loan, you probably already know you need a pitch deck and a business plan. But many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of having a tightly-written effective, even compelling Executive Summary. 
  • An Executive Summary is often the first document investors and lenders want to see before a complete pitch deck and business plan. It can be the key to opening more doors if it leads to funders seeking to learn more! If it is done poorly, no matter how promising your venture or your team, doors to the funds you need may remain locked tight.
  • Other key uses of an Executive Summary, appropriately modified for the receiving audience, include presentation to potential recruits, current employees, prospective customers, possible partners, and other constituencies.
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  • Join start-up/scale-up expert Ines LeBow, CEO of Enterprise Transformation Solutions (ETS), for this valuable seminar on how to write an effective Executive Summary.
    • She'll tell you what 10 key topics you need to include to dramatically improve your odds of success as you go through the fundraising process.
  • You often only get one shot in front of potential investors, so make sure your Executive Summary is enticing enough for investors to want to take the next step!

Who Should Attend: You need to attend if you are an entrepreneur, executive or manager

  • looking for funding
  • seeking to attract or retain top talent
  • presenting a positive view of your organization to current or prospect partners or customers
  • facing other situations where third parties need to quickly understand your organization, its mission, goals, history and prospects.
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About the Speaker:

  • Ines LeBow founded ETS to leverage her 30 years of experience in helping businesses get back – and stay
  • ines-picture-for-wharton - on track. ETS offers executives a reliable, holistic, and realistic way forward, no matter what their current status
  • Her clients include startups that have thrived, formerly struggling mid-sized organizations that now double growth year after year, and mature firms investing in new strategies that have hit the sweet spot and taken off. ETS has built a framework for rapidly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a business operation, and define a workable path forward. She is known as a turnaround expert transforming operations from bankruptcy to successful exits. Ines has shepherded 11 M&A deals and IPO due diligence. Her success stems from working with investors so we know what they’re looking for in terms of ROI.‚Äč
  • These are a few examples of the many positive results she has achieved:
    • $43M in Revenue in Year 1 Spearheading Operations for Startup
    • $614M in New Revenue & Streamlined Costs $67M to Optimize Profits
    • $550M Exit after Turnaround of Firm Acquired in Bankruptcy for $18M
    • $800M in Revenue Implementation
    • $46M in Add-on Revenue Generation
    • 100,000 Customers Served

About the Forum:

  • The Wharton Club of DC is proud to announce the launching of our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum in August 2019 and will usually take place on the 4th Thursday of each month (except November, because of Thanksgiving). The purpose of the Forum is to attract and connect local, national and international innovators and entrepreneurs to help them continue growing and learning together.
  • The Forum will be broken down into various areas of business by quarter. Every month, specialists from various industries and expertise will provide educational material and a space to discuss innovative ideas and strategies with other entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • The Forum will be led by Alan Schlaifer, President of the Wharton Club of DC and Chair of its Innovation Summit, and Aliya Hulse, Vice-Chair of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, Wharton Club of DC.
  • More about Aliya Hulse:
    • Aliya Hulse is the Founder and CEO of MWM Systems, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through innovation, communications, and team building. Aliya specializes in helping emerging and experienced entrepreneurs create strategic partnerships because one secret to success is working more effectively as a team. 
    • aliya-hulse-picture-for-whartonCurrently, one of her teams is working with former and current athletes on transitioning from the world of sports to the world of business. Aliya is the Vice President of a nonprofit organization that helps connect current athletes with their passions and rising athletes from underprivileged communities. Aliya is also on a membership committee at the American Association of Russian-Speaking Women (AARW) – helping connect entrepreneurs nationwide to expand businesses and create strategic partnerships. 
    • Aliya studied international relations and international economics at the George Washington University and is currently working on her Masters in Communications from Sage University, Spain. Right after college Aliya helped establish and managed an international office in the nuclear energy industry and opened her own small business.

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  • Wharton and Strategic Partner Club Members / Startups: Early Bird thru August 12: 19/person, including program, hot breakfast, networking, 2 hours free parking in garage under building. After: 29/person
  • Wharton Club President's Club Members: One comp for you if you register by August 15.
    • Others (all welcome): Early Bird: 35/person; after: 45/person
    • NOTE: Very limited capacity, so advisable to reserve early, before we sell out!


8:00AM - 10:00AM Tue 20 Aug 2019 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Shulman Rogers
12505 Park Potomac Avenue, 6th Floor
Potomac, MD 20854 USA

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Look Who's Coming:

Brian Barnett
  The Barnett Company, Inc.
Alan Schlaifer, Chairman
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Aliya Hulse, CEO
  MWM Systems
Ines Lebow, CEO
  Enterprise Transformation Solutions (ETS)
Krishna Mohan
  Genius Visionary Inc
Jerry Callistein
Tom Killiam
  3 Ridge OrganicsLLC
Khalid Usmani
Stephanie Katz
Lisa La Bonte
  Carnegie Ventures
Lisa Friedlander
  Shulman Rogers
Hebah Saddique
Ricky Ray
William Layton
  3 Ridge Organics
Robbin Shefski
  Smart Business Options
Pilar Walsh
  Home Nursing, Inc.
Brent Chism
  TaroWorks LLC
Gerald Scheinman
  New York Life
Joseph Zaloom
  E3 Analytics
Helen Qubain
  Story Goldmine
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