2020-08-18-kids-screen-timeWebinar: Ask Me Anything About Kids & Screen Time, from McLean Hospital, a Harvard Med School affiliate

As the ways to connect digitally continue to expand, having regular screen time can be good for you—and your family. But what’s the tipping point for too much screen time? Join us for this discussion with Dr. Lisa Coyne

  • But what’s the tipping point for too much screen time? How can it affect the mental health of your children? Equally as importantly, is there a way to maintain balance of “just enough” screen time?
  • These issues are even more important now, as schools from K-12, college and beyond are reopening. But most are doing so either completely online at first. Or at most, in a hybrid manner, with online and some in-person learning.
  • Also, what are some ways for kids to learn non-digitally? How can they use "THEIR DIGITS" - their fingers - for tactile purposes and without computers, tablets or cellphones? How about physical exercise? What's the right balance?
  • Join us on Tuesday, August 18 at 11am EST as we talk to Dr. Lisa Coyne about screen time for kids and she answers live questions about your children’s digital habits.
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  •  Agenda:

    11:00 am - 12:00 pm Presentation, including Q&A

  • Meet Lisa W. Coyne, PhD

    Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, part-time, at Harvard Medical School, and is a senior clinical consultant at the Child and Adolescent OCD Institute (OCDI Jr.) at McLean Hospital.

    Dr. Coyne has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and chapters on anxiety, OCD, and parenting. She is the author of The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Effective Parenting in the Early Years, a book for parents of young children.

  • McLean Hospital was named by US News as one of the best in the U.S. for Psychiatry, 2020-2021.

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