Victoria Anderson, Tech Advisor for Risk & Technical Services at Nuclear Energy Inst: "Risk Calculation, Perception, and Response: Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century"

Wharton Club of DC Members invited to this Special BCC Rotary Club Event.  


vicrotiaVictoria Anderson is a Technical Advisor for Risk and Technical Services at the Nuclear Energy Institute, a role that involves work with Fire PRA, NFPA 805, risk-informed technical specifications, and many other risk informed applications.


She holds S.B. degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as an S.M. degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


She lives in Washington, DC with three bikes, two cats, and one husband (which is enough ;-).







12:15PM - 1:15PM Tue 15 Feb 2022, Eastern timezone

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