Meet Wharton Club of DC Scholarship Winner Ben Strate, W'11

Here's the "strate" scoop on a talented scholar-leader-athlete from MD,
Ben Strate, who's beginning a dual degree program
at Wharton and Penn Engineering this Fall.

Although he is sorry he won’t be able to join us this year, Ben hopes to join us at our 39th Annual Wharton Award Dinner next Spring. He sent us this note:

An incoming freshman at the Wharton School, my future goal is to be part of the business world in an area that requires a technical background. Therefore, I plan to major in economics with a dual degree in applied engineering.

When I learned that Penn was the only school flexible enough to accommodate my dual degree plans and also had the number one business school in the world, it quickly became my first choice. Penn and Wharton’s resources seem to be endless, as well as the opportunities to succeed.

However, what seemed most unique to me about this school was the focus on becoming a well-rounded person while on the road to success. This atmosphere spoke directly to me, because I have always been a very diverse individual.

I participate in a wide variety of activities through academics, athletics, and community groups and enjoy them all. Academically, I was ranked at the top of my class while being an active member of four honor societies (National, Science, Math, Spanish). Athletically, I played on three varsity sport teams during high school (soccer, basketball, baseball) and was part of the Varsity Club. Also, by participating in school clubs and volunteering at my church, I was able to help better my community. These are some of the things I’ve been involved with while living in a small rural community.

I look forward to bringing my talents and energies to Wharton and the more urban community of Philadelphia. However, the reason I can look forward to four years at the Wharton School is because of Alumni donations that support Wharton’s scholarship programs. Without that financial assistance, a Penn education would probably have been out of my reach. I sincerely thank you for your support, which is allowing me to pursue my dreams.