Wharton DC Career Site Update: Post Your Openings

To all Wharton Alumni, Wharton DC Club Members and Friends
Opportunity for all of you to post jobs
Wharton Club of Members can also search for jobs

The Wharton Club of Washington DC web site career section presents an opportunity to find job listings of interest to you as well as a forum to tell others about job openings available at or through your company. This may help you and your firm find the fellow Wharton alumni your company needs to sustain growth, compete successfully or simply to operate efficiently. Your fellow alumni may very well be the most talent rich source of potential candidates available anywhere.

If your firm has an opening in the greater DC area* for which an MBA is required or preferred then forward the specifications for the opening to Wharton DC Jobs and Douglas Cofer, our Career Opps VP.

Be sure to include as much of the following information as you can.

  • Company/Organization Name
  • Position Location
  • Position Title
  • Company/Organization Description
  • Position Description, including Required Experience and Qualifications
  • Contact information: the email address resumes should be sent to. Please do not direct fellow members to the company web site to submit a resume/application. If a separate application is required then include a digital copy of it.
  • Listing duration: by default, jobs will be posted for four months. If you would like the listing to stay active for a longer period, indicate the desired term for the listing in months. Leave blank if four months is ok.
  • Whether or not you have access to the member's only section of the Wharton DC Club website.

If, during the term of the listing, the position is filled or otherwise withdrawn please let us know and we will remove it from the site. In addition, you can let us know that an archived listing should be reposted - it is not necessary to send all the information to us again but let us know if any of the specifications have changed so we can update it for you.

When the ad is two weeks away from expiring, we will send you a reminder. If you would like to extend the ad just let us know how much longer we should run it. If we do not hear back we will archive the posting when it expires.

You will be notified when the listing is posted. We recommend you review the listing to verify its accuracy. For job postings offered by parties who do not have access to the member's only section, we will send a "proof copy" for you to review.

If you are a recruiter and would like to post a specific opening, just follow the instructions above and be sure to indicate whether or not you have access to the member's only section so we know whether or not to send you a proof copy of the listing.

If you are affiliated with a company or placement firm with a substantial number of openings, we can consider adding a link to your job board on the public area of the site. Please address your request for a dedicated link to Wharton DC Jobs with sufficient information to allow us to determine if the link would be a benefit to the membership.

* The greater DC area for purposes of job listings is defined as between Baltimore and Richmond.