Leads Council Members Taking the Lead in Forging Ahead in 2008

Wharton Club Members Invited to Open House on 1/16
Learn about how Lead Council has
has helped other Club members build their businesses & careers,
while creating camaraderie and providing strategic input
It may also assist you

by Jeanne Rossomme

At the latest meeting of the Leads Council, members volunteered to take needed efforts to build a bigger and more dynamic WLC:

WLC Executive Director: Heinan Landa

* Internal group communications and meeting facilitation - basically the glue holding us together.

External Communications Director: Jeanne Rossomme

* Update Wharton Website with current description, member quotes and current agenda for 2008

Director of Operations and DC Leads Ambassador: Jeff Adler

* Coordinate location logistics for special events and open houses

* Jeff is also liaison to other Leads Councils, including our second one, in NoVa, and to others in NYC and Philadelphia

Membership Directors: Stephanie Katz and Marshall Chawla

* Clean current WLC member list to create sub-list of active members
* Routinely coordinate with Wharton Club on information and dues payment
* Look at Buddy process to help new members feel comfortable and connected within the group

Member Outreach: Jean-Francois Orsini and Jeanne Rossomme

* Create list of potential local Wharton grads who are candidates for WLC - Jean Francois
* Create cover letter for each WLC member to use in inviting new prospects to the Open House - Jeanne

Program Director: Peter Van Allen

* Create agenda for 2008 with slots for 4 open houses (one per quarter), 12 member spotlights (active members only) and 6 roundtable topical discussion topics.
* Provide agenda and subsequent revisions for posting on the Wharton website.