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April 13 with Adventure Capitalist, Jim Rogers - 99% Sold Out
Around the World in 90 Minutes
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A superb event that will give you new insights into the global and U.S. economies require prompt action if you want to attend. Wharton Club members will attend, and we have reserved two tables.

It is nearly sold out. It's with Jim Rogers, investor banker and world traveler extraordinaire, author of the acclaimed "Adventure Capitalist." The luncheon at Tony Cheng's on April 13 includes an autographed copy of the book, and is just $35.

A capacity crowd of 250 is expected, and we have the largest block of remaining seats - in fact, most of them. Please don't delay if you want to join this at this exciting luncheon. Rogers's trip took 3 years; our remaining seats will may be gone at any time! Must reserve in advance; call us at 301-365-8999 if you want these tickets (or just one of them) before we release them.

Attending this event offers you many potential benefits:
--a chance to learn about the ultimate escape when you no longer need to work
--an opportunity to learn from Jim's firsthand observations, far beyond the Beltway, to a get a birds' eye view of realities not reported in the Wall Street Journal or Economist
--time to network with a large and diverse group of people - about 250 in fact
--a fun escape from your world as you join Jim on this 90 minute - or less - trip around the world.

But you need to sign up on our site now.
Just go to events on our site for more information or to sign up, if the seat is still available.

Good news - Free Tickets! The Events part of our site is also where you'll be able to learn more about the Program on May 7 honoring Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel. The first 10 Club members and the first 10 MBA Class of 2006 Admits who sign up for that event will get free tickets. Please check it out, and sign up if it interests you.