Successful Programs Led by DC Wharton Club Members

Leads Council and Nonprofit Roundtable Continue Outstanding Programs
Thanks to the Members Who Led Them!
Contact Us if You're Interested in a Green Business Roundtable

Thanks to some of the key people who helped make our recent programs so successful:

  • Nonprofit Roundtable 7/18 - 3 outstanding members and fellow alumni
    • Clint O'Brien, for organizing and sponsoring (through his company, Care2), and continuing to be the ever-gracious host
    • Peter Van Allen, Van Allen Associates, his Roundtable Co-Chair
    • Jeff Regen, VP at Defenders of Wildlife, for an outstanding discussion of key points in what works and what doesn't in the online world. Great content following Jeff's initial discussion of website design.
    • About 20-25 people attended, asked questions, and provided their input
  • Leads Council 7/16:
    • Heinan Landa, Optimal Networks, continues to lead with great gusto; this group is now in its 5th year! He has truly helped to make this group an "optimal network" for those who attend and help others! Heinan led a stimulating discussion on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other IT tools.
    • Jeanne Rossomme, Roadmap Marketing, who's played a vital role in scheduling programs for each quarter on topics of interest to Leads Council and other Club members
    • Stephanie Katz, CETA Benefits
    • Jean-Francois Orsini, Pin-Stripe and our Club Chairman

Other programs:

  • 7/17 Very stimulating luncheon at the Press Club with Deutsche Bank Chairman/President/CEO Josef Ackermann. Our Club had its own tables at that event, and members were also able to attend the reception.
  • The evening of 7/17, we had our Board meeting. Those present and on the conference call reviewed these and other key areas:
    • Membership - total was then about 690, now at a record 698, with much being done to attract and retain members, including varied programs and increased other benefits
    • Programs - recent and future programs, organized by us, co-sponsored, or co-branded.
      • Embassy events already this year have include Peru, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, with Saudi Arabia scheduled (8/6) and others being sought.
      • Recent Green Business Summit attracted more than 200 attendees from over 100 companies and other organizations, to hear our nearly 50 speakers at 14 sessions. Very positive responses from attendees.
    • Career Opportunities: Douglas Cofer has revitalized this effort and is planning various ways to increase Job Board listings. Only members have access to these. Members are invited to submit listings to Douglas: just email him .
    • 40th Anniversary of our Club, to be celebrated at our 39th Annual Gala Wharton Award Dinner this fall at the Park Hyatt. Nominations are welcome, although we have an outstanding list of potential honorees already being considered. Volunteers for our Dinner Committee are invited to contact us by email or phone, 301-365-8999.

Are you interested in Green Business?

If so, we may be forming a Green (or Sustainable) Business Roundtable. Please contact us to let us know of your interest, and what aspects of this appeal to you, whether or not you attended recent successful Green Business Summit. We welcome your ideas on how to move forward with this to make it successful.

Please mail or call Alan Schlaifer, Club President, at 301-365-8999.