Report to Members for Year of 2008

Wharton Club of DC had a terrific year in 2008, despite the economy:
New records hit in membership, number of events offered to members, and more

As 2008 ends and we get ready for a New Year, new President, and new Congress, we take pleasure in reporting that our Club - and YOUR Club because you are a member - had a terrific year helping members. In brief:

  • Membership reached an all-time of 700, a gain over last year despite the challenges, and four times what we had five years ago.
  • Events organized or offered totaled over 200 - more than ever, with something for virtually everyone, whatever your interests in business, finance, politics, or otherwise.
  • We continued to expand our work with other leading groups, such as the Harvard B-School Club and other top B-School groups, began to work again with the National Economists Club, and coordinated with dozens of other groups, more than ever.
  • These affiliations pay big dividends for many years, as we negotiate rates for our members, such as you, that are the same as for members of the other groups wherever we can - which is most of the time.
  • Started new Roundtables this year, including Green Business and Government Contracting
  • Began our Resilience Series, to help you weather the storms, with Economist Paul Krugman, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and others
  • Had 7 more terrific embassy receptions and briefings
  • Initiating a broad range of programs for 2009 - described at, with many more to come.

So as the Ball gets ready to fall in Times Square (in just 9 hours as we write this - and may have occurred by the time you read this, and just 4 hours in London), we extend our wish that 2009 will be a good - or even great - year for you, in your health, happiness, and career or business, despite the challenges facing you, our nation and the world. Our members, including you, are a resourceful, energetic group, and we are proud to have you choose to be part of our Club.

We hope we will see you many times in the New Year, and we are committed to doing what we reasonably can to help you.

Warmest regards of the season from us and the entire Board of the Club, in all languages:

Happy New Year! Bonne Année! Feliz y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku! Поздравляю всех С Новым Годом ! And all the others, too!


Alan N. Schlaifer, Wharton Club President


Jean-François Orsini

Club Chairman