Rebirth of Health Care Roundtable, While National Health Care Focus Rises

Joyce Hunter, Howard Underwood and Jane Hart
are spearheading this important special interest group
Health care is now 16% of GDP, projected to grow to 25%
by 2025 unless major changes are made
Many important issues

Joyce, Jane and Howard write:

The Wharton Club of DC Health Care Roundtable will provide an opportunity for members and guests to collaborate and share information around specific Healthcare and public health issues.

During our programs, we will share experiences, projects, management challenges and visions of future trends in order to instruct, improve, enlighten and support one another.
Roundtable members form prime networking relationships that bring value to their organizations throughout the year.

We will meet once a month in an interactive setting with noted speakers from public and private organizations. Members are encouraged to suggest topics and areas of discussion in addition to the ones proposed on this survey. Click here to go to the survey and cast your vote. Thanks!

We look forward to your joining us for an exciting cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas.