Your Chance to Help Bright MBA Students - and Your Company - this Coming Summer

Support the Wharton Alumni Who Care (AWC) Program
of Wharton's MBA Career Management Program
Your organization can help if you have unpaid summer internship
projects/positions for current Wharton 1st year MBA students

Cara Costello, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Services, Wharton MBA Career Management,  just sent us the following request. We hope you can help either in your own organization or others if you know of opportunities that may be available:

I am writing to [you about] the Wharton Alumni Who Care (AWC) Program. Given the challenging job market, we hope you will .... help source unpaid summer internship projects/positions for current Wharton MBAs. Employer information and registration is at the following link, and content is pasted below for your reference:

This is some of the information from that site:

The AWC program was launched in 2003 by a dedicated group of Wharton alumni in conjunction with MBA Career Management to match first-year MBA students with quality unpaid summer internship opportunities. Due to the expanded scope of this year’s effort to include geographies all over the world, the program has grown beyond its matching roots to become a more direct student-employer process.

How the Process Work

  1. Alumni/Employers register in the CareerPath system (see below) to provide contact information and a job description as a participant of the AWC program.
  2.  MBA Career Management hosts an overview workshop for students interested in applying to positions through the AWC program. We clearly describe the types of positions, companies, locations, and reiterate the unpaid nature of this program to students.
  3. MBA Career Management will make your project/job description available to students during a one-week application timeframe in May. We will collect resumes on your behalf and you will receive a PDF of applications on May 19.
  4. Alumni/Employers follow up directly with candidates in whom they are interested and conduct interviews as they see fit (phone interviews or interviews at your site are recommended). You are welcome to make offers at any time.
  5. Update MBA Career Management on the status of the students who applied to your position.

Program Timeline:

  • April 10 through May 8: Employers create and post project/job descriptions in CareerPath online system
  • May 7 through May 18: Students submit applications via CareerPath
  • May 19: Employers receive student resumes via PDF from CareerPath
  • May 19 through June 1: Employers pursue candidates in whom they are interested and potentially make offers
  • June 1 through July 6: Students begin internships
Requirements and Expectations:
  • We (Wharton's MBA Career Management) communicate to students interested in participating in the AWC program that the internships offered are unpaid with no expectation of salary or stipend. However, in order to attract students who are otherwise looking at paid opportunities, you may want to consider addressing the student’s housing, transportation, or living expense needs as you see fit. (There is no requirement to do this.)
  • Internships are expected to last six to 12 weeks and give the student an MBA-level experience.
  • Due to the unpaid nature of the internships, this program can provide a great opportunity for a student with previous related experience to further develop his/her skills or serve as a leverage point for a "career switcher" whose diverse background can add value to your company.
  • Students and employers are held to the same offer policies for the AWC program as they would be for any other recruiting efforts.

To learn more or apply, click here: