Have You Had Trouble with Your Login?

--New ways Club website makes it easier for you to login and get member rates (if your membership is current)
--It also gives you more control & information
----You can change your "nickname" or other personal information
----See more events,

Our Club does not have a better "mousetrap." But in the past three months, members have praised us for giving you a better Wharton Club website. In contrast to the proverbial "Energizer bunny," we are working hard with Alumni Magnet, our website host, to make it "better and better and better."

The latest news is that you get even more control over what's happening and information about you - so that we can serve you better. This is important after you login (upper right hand corner of the website, above the DC photos). You need to login first if your membership is current and you want to get special members-only rates, or sign up for members-only events.

If you've had trouble getting members' rates, it may be because you had not loggin in first. Here's how you need to login to get members-only rates and members-only events (such as the French Ambassador's residence this past March):

1. Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen (above the array of DC photos) where it says "Login."
2. Enter the email you use for receipt of our e-newsletters each week.
3. Enter the password you have chosen. If you can't remember it, click and a new temporary one will be sent to you.
4. If you log in and still have trouble, please call us at 301-365-8999 or email us at WhartonClubDC@aol.com, and we'll do what we can to help you.

Once you've logged in, you will be greeted in the upper left hand corner of the site (above the pix) by a "nickname." Some members had a name that was a number, such as P00230, not exactly personal or welcoming! This was a relic of our own event site at Acteva.

We've changed that. Once you login, you can go to "My Account," back in the upper corner of the website. You can then change your nickname to what you'd like. You can also update your personal data, your Club interests, and much more.

We have also added a second enhancement for you. You can now check on a fuller range of our events. Up to now, you could only check out currently scheduled events. Even as to those, it was all or nothing.

Now, you can see all of them. If you choose, you can see just some of them, in months of your choice, to better plan your calendar. You can also go back to past events if you need that information or want more information about what we have been doing.

There's more to come, on the website and in our programs for you. If you're a member, you know whereof we speak. Wait until you see the Fall lineup.

Speaking of programs, one of our members is a winemaker. He's offered to give us a special tour this fall at his place near Leesburg. If you'd like to help set this up or would like to work on other events, building Club membership, or career opportunities, just give us a call at 301-365-8999.

While you will be assisting other Wharton alumni, the single person you help the most may be YOU.