Your Opportunity to Have a Recent Wharton MBA Grad Assist on a Special Project

Calling All Alumni and Employers:
You have a special opportunity to take part in a new initiative at Wharton
that allows employers to post a short-term project for a recent Wharton MBA graduate
Act NOW!

From Cara Costello in Wharton's MBA Career Development:

Dear Employer/Alumni –

I am writing to invite you to take part in a new initiative at Wharton that allows employers to post a short term project for a recent Wharton MBA graduate.

Wharton’s Short Term Project Initiative gives you the opportunity to bring in a newly graduated MBA or recent alumnus to complete project work within your organization in the coming months. Project work may be located anywhere in the world, in any industry or functional area, and may last from 6 weeks to 6 months, for a salary or stipend. Wharton MBA Career Management will market these opportunities to students and alumni available for full-time, short term project work, and candidates will apply via our CareerPath system. How the Process Works:

1. Employers register in the CareerPath system ( ) to provide contact information and a job description as a participant of the Wharton MBA Short Term Project Initiative.

2. MBA Career Management will make your project/job description available to candidates during a one-week application timeframe beginning May 26. We will collect resumes on your behalf and you will receive a PDF of any submitted applications on June 3.

3. Employers follow up directly with candidates in whom they are interested and conduct interviews as they see fit (phone interviews or interviews at your site are recommended). You are welcome to make offers at any time.

4. Update MBA Career Management on the status of the candidates who applied to your position.

5. Post any additional short term project descriptions (or permanent roles) as they become available; we accept them throughout the year in CareerPath. Program Timeline:
  • May 13 through May 25: Employers create and post project/job descriptions in CareerPath online system May 26 through
  • June 2: Candidates submit applications via CareerPath
  • June 3: Employers receive initial batch of candidate resumes via PDF from CareerPath.
  • June, July, August: Employers pursue candidates in whom they are interested and potentially make offers, and/or continue posting project description for more applicants

Requirements and Expectations:

• Projects are expected to last at least six weeks and give the candidate an MBA-level experience.

• Due to the short term nature of the projects, this program can provide a great opportunity for a student or alumnus with previous related experience to further develop his/her skills or serve as a leverage point for a "career switcher" whose diverse background can add value to your company.

• If your project work is unpaid or offers only a stipend, you may want to consider addressing the candidate’s housing, transportation, or living expense needs as you see fit.

Ready to Post?
Enter your project at .

Contact Information If you have additional questions or need assistance putting together a project description, please contact Kristi Schlegel Miller in MBA Career Management (email or via telephone: 215-898-8788).

We look forward to your involvement!

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