Your Wharton Club Gives You an Online Shopping Cart

Wonderful new feature is becoming more popular with members
It allows you to buy tickets or reserve for multiple events on the same purchase
We'd welcome your ideas on how to make our site even easier for you to use

Our Club has been getting positive reviews for many features of our new website. One of the aspects we like the best is that our hosting firm, Alumni Magnet (part of Aviel, Inc.) has been receptive to many of our ideas for improving the site.

Our overall goal has been to make our site as easy as possible for you to use, and responsive to your needs. In that regard, here's one feature of which you may not be aware:

You can buy tickets to several events with just one purchase. You will get a separate confirming email for each one. But the big benefit for you is just one charge on your credit card, and saving time instead of having to sign in separately each time.

This is how it worked for one member recently: She signed up for four events in one transaction. That's something you couldn't do before, but you can do on our new website.

More features coming soon, such as photo albums of our programs. Of course, we need a photographer to take some shots so that we can do that. This could include embassy and other events that you attend. If photography is your hobby, or your passion, just give us a call at 301-365-8999, and we'll put you in the picture. (More than one person could help out, given all of the programs we offer. Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated!)