New Volunteer Program: Level the Admissions Playing Field

Wharton Alum Svetlana Minina Heads Up
New Program for Members Who Want to Give Back By Helping Others

Here is the description of the community service project, from our fellow alum and member, Svetlana Minina:

So, you have a degree from Wharton. Are you proud of your education? Do you want to give back to the community by helping others achieve their educational dreams? The Wharton Club of DC invites you to join its community service project.

“Level the Admissions Playing Field” is an innovative education program run by Wharton alumni volunteers. It provides free SAT exam prep and college advice to high school students. As a social enterprise, “Level the Admissions Playing Field” has one primary goal: help disadvantaged students get into college.

A college education in today’s knowledge economy is more valuable than ever before. In fact, it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Yet for a student from a poor family in the inner city who cannot afford an SAT tutor, college is something “that only rich kids can do.” There are virtually no options for a growing segment of American teens that face harsh admissions criteria, impossible financial burdens and unimaginable information asymmetry. Students from low-income backgrounds score an average of more than 300 points lower on the SAT than students from high-income backgrounds.

“Level the Admissions Playing Field” provides two crucial services that empower students to raise SAT scores and make college a reality:
• A 10 hour tutoring program with a Wharton alumni volunteer, including SAT lessons, practice questions, and status reports.
• Unique college admissions information that walk a student through selecting schools, applying to college, earning scholarships and everything in between.

Disadvantaged students from the following DC schools will benefit from this program:

  • · Anacostia Senior High School
  • Ballou Stay School
  • McKinley Technology High School
  • Spingarn Stay School
  • HD Woodson Senior High School

If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer, or if you have questions or suggestions about this project, please email or register under the following link:

Please visit the webpage of the project “Level the Admissions Playing Field” here: