U.S. Flag Flown in Afghanistan in Honor of this Club

Wharton DC Club was Honored with an
American Flag Raised on a
U.S. Air Force Base in Afghanistan

Wharton DC Club member and Wharton alum Thomas C. Lawrence, a consultant in Maryland and a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, was deployed to Afghanistan from December 2007 to November 2008.  While there, he and others were given the opportunity to fly an American flag on the base and dedicate it to a specific person or organization.  Thomas flew flags at different times and dedicated each one to an organization that he felt was worthy.

One of the U.S. flags that Thomas flew was dedicated to the Wharton Club of Washington, DC.  The flag was flown on August 4, 2008 in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, by the Nangarhar Provincial Reconstruction Team during “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

Thomas returned stateside in November 2008 and has now forwarded that flag to the DC Club, care of Alan Schlaifer, the Club's President.  He has also returned to private life and is busy with personal, professional and academic pursuits.

“The club events that I have attended in 2007 and now in 2009 have allowed me to have wonderful experiences meeting amazing Wharton Alumni,” he writes to Alan.  “I have also found the events to be very entertaining and personally fulfilling. These events have helped in my professional development.  It is a really great institution.  I thank you and the other members of the club for running such a wonderful organization.”

The Wharton Club of DC is very grateful for Thomas Lawrence’s service to our country, and honored by his remembrance of this Club in the midst of so much more pressing business at the time, while he and his colleagues were facing risks to life and limb, and for forwarding the flag. We plan to display it at major future events, such as our Wharton Award Dinners and Annual Conferences.

This will be our salute in recognition and appreciation of all Wharton alumni, including Thomas, who have served or are serving the United States either in this country or abroad. This applies to the men and women in our armed forces, as well as those in civilian roles in federal, state or local governments.