Wharton Club News: A Class Act-2004, A Real Trip

The MBA Class of 2004 on way to second record - Club membership
"Going the distance" has new meaning. More alumni and faculty news

The MBA Class of 2004 set a new record, above 98% participation, for their class gift participation and size. The WEMBAs hit 100%, which is simply phenomenal, and all of you are to be congratulated for earning your degrees and showing your loyalty in such a tangible way.

We are delighted that a growing number of you have decided to join our Club and hope that all of you will decide to do so. As many of you recognize, we offer a varied array of programs and other benefits. Can you and your class hit 100% on this test also?

Now that the "Gold Standard" is being set, let's see if other class years can match the 2004s. If you want to be a "point person" for your class, just contact our Membership Chair, Bill McCarthy, WG'02, at (703) 933-9238 or (202) 207-0183, or Alan Schlaifer, W'65, our President at 301-365-8999. Building and maintaining a strong Club is everyone's business, and for everyone's benefit. It doesn't just happen, anymore than a Wharton admission or degree "just happens," as you know so well!

So volunteer to help us, and you'll find, as members already know, we have the best B-School Alumni Club in town! With your help, we can make it even better.

The 2004s have not only joined our Club in force, but participate with the same spirit. These are pictures of them with Club President Alan Schlaifer in the Atrium of the Tower Club for the Luau there.

Going the distance: Wharton surely must have the alum who traveled the longest distance to get her MBA, and in the process landed in Fast Company magazine. Here's an excerpt from the story about this inspirational fellow alum of ours - whose story should motivate you the next time you find a task that seems too daunting. It's also an example of what Wharton Prof Jerry Wind will be discussing on the 29th, The Power of Impossible Thinking here in DC:

" It's a matter of will."
Here's a commute for you: Shanghai to San Francisco, every two weeks, in pursuit of an executive MBA.

From: Issue 81 April 2004, Page 36 By: Carleen Hawn Photographs by: Emily Nathan

URL: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/81/firstperson.html

Every two weeks, Jane Lin-Baden shelves her day job as a software entrepreneur and flies to San Francisco to attend Wharton's prestigious executive MBA program. But the life she leaves behind is 16 time zones away--in Shanghai, China.

Our classes are on the weekends, so I leave Shanghai Friday morning and arrive in San Francisco Friday morning. My flight is 15 hours long, including a stopover in Tokyo. It's not so unmanageable. I meditate, but I can't sleep because it's my only time to focus on my studies. Usually I go straight to class from the airport, so I often go 24 hours without sleeping.

My husband travels twice a week for his job as well. Sometimes he is leaving when I am coming home, so we meet in the airport and talk. Or he stops over in San Francisco for a dinner or Wharton family event with me. Most people think this is crazy. For me it's a matter of will. This program is important to me, and so is my company and my family.

People ask why I want to make such an effort for two years. But for me, this has meaning beyond knowledge; it is an attitude, a commitment, and a way of thinking. I'm in my last semester now. I graduate in May. Having flown over a million miles in two years, I should be exhausted and glad it's over. Physically, I am tired. But mentally, every time I fly back to China I feel refreshed. Wharton is like an intellectual spa--like pulling up to a gas station and filling up my tank.

How's that for positive attitude? And the ultimate reward was not frequent flyer miles, but a degree worth far more. To read the whole story, click here: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/81/firstperson.html.

Thanks to our fellow alum and Wharton Club of DC member, Patra Frame, President of Strategies for Human Resources (http://www.shrinsight.com/) and an outstanding speaker at one of our career programs last year, for bringing this story to our attention. If you know of good news about a Wharton alum - even yourself - please tell us about it so that we can spread the word to others!

School news:

Penn rated #4: While we recognize the limitations of ratings, it is nonetheless pleasing to note that the University of Pennsylvania has risen to the number four position, behind only Harvard and Princeton (tied for #1) and Yale (#3) in the latest U.S. News ranking of undergraduate programs. This places Penn ahead of Duke, Stanford, and the rest of the Ivies other than those in the top three positions. Here's a truly Penn-flavored toast with "a highball at nightfall" to our great university and Judy Rodin and the leaders - and alumni - who have propelled its rise up the charts!

Wharton School: Addition of several top faculty members, and much more news than we can report here. The best and fastest way to learn more is to go directly to the School's website: www.www.wharton.upenn.edu.

Wharton Alumni news:

--Patrick McClanahan, WG'03, has been named a 2004-2005 White House Fellow. The White House Fellows Program is one of the nation's most prestigious programs for leadership and public service. McClanahan is a lieutenant commander and aviation program analyst for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in the U.S. Navy. http://www.whitehouse.gov/fellows/news/20040621.html

--Jim Hytner, WAM'04, was interviewed about his positive experience in Wharton's Advanced Management Program. Marketing director at ITV, the biggest commercial television network in the U.K., Hytner credited the AMP program with making the learning process "addictive." He noted that there were two highlights to the program. "The first was that it gave a fully-rounded view of business. Another eye-opener was in the second half of the program, which focused on general business themes that would have an impact in the future." (Financial Times, 5/17/04) http://www.ft.com

And in brief:
--Michael Moritz, WG'78,
was featured in an article about his career in venture capital and investment in Google. (Fortune, 5/3/04)
--Kongkiat Opaswongkarn, WG'80, has been named executive chairman of the Export-Import Bank of Thailand. (Bangkok Post, 5/11/04)
--Aditya Mittal, W'96, was featured in an article about his career as vice-chairman of LNM Holdings, a steel producer in India. (Economic Times, 5/13/04)
--David Keil, WG'89, was featured in an article about his career as chief strategy officer at Choice Point, a data aggregating company. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/16/04)
--Chip Goodyear, WG'83, was featured in an article about his mining company in Melbourne. (The London Times, 5/24/04)
--Anne Klein, W'64, has been inducted to the Philadelphia Public Relations Association Hall of Fame. (PR Newswire, 5/26/04).