Wharton Alums Score Hole-in-One

Finally, a way for golfers to keep your shots
on the straight-and-narrow, instead of the rough,
the woods, or the next fairway

From the ‘featherie’ of 1618 to the 1905 dimpled ball and the rubber like Gutta Percha in between, golf balls designers have pursued one thing – distance.  

That was until Rocky Lee (WG’95, GrW’07) endeavored to play a ball that lowered the frustration factor for fellow recreational golfers.  His research discovered that in the early 1980’s, a ball nicknamed the ‘happy hooker’ was developed that claimed to straighten hooks and slices.  Initially the ball achieved rapid adoption until incumbents quickly realized the ball’s potential to consume their market share and pressured the US Golf Association to create a symmetry rule and ban the ball from USGA tournament use.  The founders subsequently counter sued, were awarded the USGA’s current assets and retired to the 19th hole.

Fast-forward 25 years – Rocky recruited a team of golf industry professionals including Dr. Dave Felker of Callaway Golf and John Chu, a successful golf retail owner and operator, to unravel the misunderstood flight dynamics of the original self-correcting ball.  Their efforts improved performance and even overcame the USGA limitation.  Initially as an investment banker advising the company with its capital formation and restructuring, Steve Lebischak, a member of the Wharton Club of DC joined as CFO and became acting CEO.  

First sales begin on Black Friday, November 26th as the company rolls out its direct to consumer campaign with a ball that truly is ‘straight – no matter how you slice it.

(learn more and view a video – polaragolf.com or contact Steve@PolaraGolf.com)