Big savings for you in DC's "Club of Clubs" - the Wharton Club of DC:
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Let’s be clear. Even the regular amounts are a fabulous bargain for you, but this is still better. These are a few of the reasons why you should act on this CYBER TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY sale:

  • If you join the Wharton Club of DC now (or, if you're a member, extend your membership - all days, 365/year, added, you may get a tax-deduction for the membership fee (we're a 501c3, and this may be either a tax-deductible personal expense or business expense for you).

And with the year-end approaching, now is when you should consider locking in your deductible expenses.

These are a few of the many benefits you can enjoy, with a full 365 days for each year you sign up for - just add up the benefits available to you:

  • Members-only events - for you and your guests. In the past year, we've had events with top CEOs, political leaders, academics, and others, and that will continue
  • Many free programs throughout the year that are comped to members, with normal fees to nonmembers being anywhere from $40-79/person. Total value: up to many hundreds of dollars.
  • First notice to members. For important CEOs, celebrities, or other VIPs, you get the first – and often ONLY - opportunity to sign up.
  • YOUR Club of Clubs: to belong to all the clubs and other groups to which we give you access would cost thousands of dollars a year, not the under 100 per year with the Wharton Club of DC
  • Savings for members ($10-20 or much more - up to $50-200 - in per person savings for member and 1st guest) - so the total savings can be many hundreds of dollars per year
  • Stimulating programs to enhance your knowledge of business, finance, politics, domestic affairs, the global economy, and much more
  • Phenomenal networking opportunities with others from the Wharton, HBS and other leading Clubs - no other b-school group offers as many times for you to enrich your personal and business life, as many members have discovered:
    • To learn more from thought leaders culled from the top ranks of the private, public and academic sectors
    • Build your own expert network
    • Get leads for the following - various members have reported get each of these benefits:
      • jobs
      • consulting work (as one member reported, jobs paying many thousands of dollars)
      • funding your business (one of many examples: a Leads Council member found someone to more than double his credit line to build his business)
      • finding potential strategic partners (recent example from our Leads Council of an iPhone app developer)
    • Build friendships with nice, articulate high caliber professionals and executives
    • At our Embassy Briefings & Receptions, such as the one last Monday at India, to grow your global understanding of our increasingly "flat world," as Thomas Friedman calls it
    • Non-event benefits, such as big savings at Sports Club/LA that that are several times your dues.
    • Much more, to build your foundation for survival and success in the years ahead.
These are some of the benefits that, in total, can easily add many hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to YOUR bottom line. They can also yield much more for your quality of life.

Add it up for yourself, and you may well conclude, as hundreds of members have already done as stated in the MasterCard ads, that it's "priceless."

Why not join or extend your membership now, and get the ACCESS available to Wharton Club of DC members only, for modest dues, of as little as 77/year for one year, and less per year for longer terms?

And that will give you so much more to celebrate in what one member calls our "Club of Clubs", by giving the best present of all to yourself, a gift that will give you options throughout the one or more years of your membership.

You can choose from these options to rejoin at the special rates - but you must act within the time noted to get those special rates:

We hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday season!


    Alan Schlaifer, President


    Jeff Guzy, Vice President, Membership

PS - We hope to have you join us - for the holidays - and in the New Year after you rejoin the DC Wharton Club. ACT NOW - to get great rates, thru 7 pm Wednesday, or good discounts, even through 4 pm Wed, 12/1. You can choose the best option - and number of years - for you -