New custom-designed page, the first in the Wharton Club network,
helps publicize Club events, posts pictures, increases interactions among members

"We are delighted to see the fast increase in member and guest views of our new Facebook page," says Alan Schlaifer, DC Wharton Club President. "Traffic is ramping up rapidly at Facebook.com/WhartonDC, as we increase the use of this site to enhance members' experience, improving their ability to learn at our robust menu of programs throughout the year."

"Thanks to Heinan Landa, CEO of Optimal Networks, and Jeanne Rossomme, CEO of Roadmap Marketing, for finding us the outstanding company that designed this page," he adds. "Whether or not the film, The Social Network, wins an Oscar for Best Picture, our site has already won kudos from members and many others."

"This active new page, now with over 100 'friends' and 12 photo albums, can help members gain network connections and learn from other rising stars who who attend Wharton DC events. Our Club's own 'red carpet' gives DC Wharton Club members and guests admission to many of the DC area's top events and thought leaders from the private and public sectors and academia," he concludes.