John Goodman on The Sociology of Healthcare, and why Obamacare doesn't work
Health Companies program with HBS Club

These comments re the National Economists Club program with John Goodman, a health care economics specialist come to us courtesy of Bob Kolodney:

The event was good. John Goodman has a good sense of humor, too - maybe not as good as the other John Goodman, but he is certainly a lot smarter. 
The talk was solely about health care - nothing about the budget dispute. 
Goodman's principal point was that, in his opinion, the savings on health care in the Affordable Healthcare Act are illusory. Nothing is being done to increase the amount of healthcare and number of providers available, so that, from an economist's point of view, it is inevitable that it will become more expensive as demand continues to rise. There are not more doctors being produced, nothing is done to allow nurses to do more, there is no reorganization of services that would deliver more care from existing resources.

Therefore, particularly as more and more doctors opt out of Medicare and Medicaid because of smaller permitted fees, the price and cost of medical services will rise rapidly, and the system will go into crisis. 
He is a free market partisan, at any rate.

As to the Healthy Companies program with the HBS Club and speaker Dr. Bob Rosen, members of the Wharton Clubs found it stimulating, after a multi-course Chinese dinner in Rosslyn. This is what Mitch Davis wrote:

'I liked the concept of "A little anxiety can go a long way" to motivate success.'   --- Mitchell Davis -- www.Daybook.com