Past week featured GE CEO Jeff Immelt,
top health care experts, Ted Leonsis, Arianna Huffington,
AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong, Walter Isaacson (CEO Aspen Inst)
Green Biz Roundtable, Reception & Briefing at Embassy of Georgia

Quick comments on events of past week: It was one of the busiest weeks in DC Wharton Club history. 
  • It began on Monday, 7/11,
    • with a Jobs Summit featuring GE's CEO, Jeff Immelt
  • On Tuesday, 
  • we were back at the U.S. Chamber for a full-day comp seminarfor Wharton Club members: Controlling Costs: The Price of Good Health, with a fabulous reception for networking at the end.
  • Wednesday:
    • Lunch on 7/13 featured Ted Leonsis, the Caps, Wizards and Mystics owner and Entrepreneur
    • That evening, Disney TV characters, creators and execs from two top series, Phineas & Ferb and Fish Hooks, were at the Press Club for Wharton and Press Club members and their families.
  • Thursday's Green Business Roundtable gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the Intl Fin Corp's (IFC) renewables and sustainability financial commitments and criteria from Faheen Allibhoy, IFC Sr. Investment Officer.
  • Friday provided a resounding end to the work week. 
    • Lunch was a triple-header, with Arianna Huffington, Founder of the Huffington Post; Tim Armstrong, AOL's CEO; and Walter Isaacson, former Time Man. Ed, author, and CEO of the Aspen Institute, each commenting about their vision of the future of journalism and news. The quip of the day was Arianna's, after noting that Mr. Isaacson, who has written about Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein, is now writing a book about AOL Founder and Chairman Steve Jobs: "Walter may be the only one in DC who's really focused on 'Jobs.'"
    • That evening, Wharton Club, HBS and National Economists Club Members and guests were treated to a stunning reception and briefing at the Residence of the Ambassador of Georgia. We've already posted the pix on our webpage,, and our page. Later this week, we expect to post a full story  on this exceptional event.
    • Stay tuned, look for photos from other events, and attend to build your knowledge, network, and access. 
    • And if you're not a member, consider joining. It could give your career and life a huge boost.