Marshall, a longtime member of the original Leads Council,
was first speaker in new Wharton-Harvard B-School Leads Council

At the Wharton / Harvard Business School Leads Council meeting at the National Press Club, Washington DC, on Feb. 15, 2012, Marshall S.  Chawla, MBA, CFP, made a presentation on the prospects of the American economy for 2012. A former Wharton Award recipient and long-time member of the Council who received his Wharton MBA in 1973, Marshall specializes in Wealth Management with emphasis on investment strategies and tax and estate planning. His focus is on serving clients who trust him to apply his expertise to their most significant financial concerns so that they can pursue what is most important to them.

He focused on four areas that were very significant in his opinion: Federal and consumer debt, employment, Europe, and politics. He presented several charts and reviewed the current economic conditions. Each Attendee received a booklet that contained numerous charts and estimates for this year and beyond.

Marshall then showed this elite group how he helps his clients use that information to make sound investment decisions. As an Investment Advisor Representative of LPL Financial Services, he explained how the information could be used, for example, to examine data showing valuations and then help the clients to implementation an investment strategy. He also answered some very good questions from the audience.