Slicing $1.2 Trillion for the Federal budget could have
a huge impact on your business or agency and career
Attend our October 4 seminar to learn ways
that may help you survive the potential fiscal cliff

  • The potentially BAD & UGLY of Sequestration - Tysons Breakfast program on October 4, the subject of an important Sequestration Strategies Seminar: Issues for Federal Contractors, agencies and other businesses. It will be held at Tysons, with expert speakers, who will discuss the $1.2 Trillion in Federal funds on the line - the same possible line as the dreaded FISCAL CLIFF.
    • And the ripple effects, subject of a recent Washington Business Journal Report (September 7, 2012) - include these comments: 

      "It’s not often that Republicans, Democrats and the president agree on something. But there is a general consensus among those from both sides of the aisle that the $1.2 trillion in federal budget cuts scheduled to kick in Jan. 2 are a bad idea.

      Consider the predictions: The cuts have been called catastrophic, with experts saying they would plunge the region, if not the country, into a devastating recession."

    • These are the highlights of what they call "The ABC's of Sequestration:"

      • Slashed Fed agency funding, affecting defense and civilian programs and workforces
      • Massive regional layoffs
      • Loss of state and local grant funds
      • Shrinking real estate needs
      • Retail losses
      • Declining state and local tax revenues
      • Reduced appeal of DC regional economy
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