We want to give thanks to these and other Members who have made our "Honor Roll" for keeping our Club strong and active, now with over 500 members:

  • Heinan Landa WG91, CEO, Optimal Networks, our vibrant 9-year old Leads Council now has HBS as a partner, and MD and DC chapter, to give us even more firepower, together with his colleagues at Optimal, AJ Schuler, WG, and Chrissy Miller.
  • Officers including Steve Oser,W; Jeff Guzy, WG; Jeanne Rossomme, WG; Douglas Cofer, WG. 
  • Also, to Ben Arthur WG08, for adding so much to our global understanding with an incredible array of embassy receptions, such as Thailand, Paraguay, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and more in the past year, and many more we're working on for 2013. 
    • Thanks again to all of our hosts embassies and ambassadors, of course, and our friends in other groups who opened these Embassies to us: Austrian, Canadian, Dutch (Residence), French, Swedish
  • SIG Chairs in the past year and moving forward, such as 
    • Steve Offutt, WG, of our Green Business Roundtable
    • Investment Forum Co-Chairs, Jeff Gregorio and new co-chair Lenore Kistinger, WG09
    • New Entrepreneurship Forum Co-Chair, Farrah Holder, WG04
    • Kirk Macchiavello, WG, of our Homeland Security & Defense Roundtable
  • Wharton Award recipients: 
    • Wonya Lucas, WG90, CEO TV One
    • Steve Alloy, W87, C87, President, Stanley Martin Homes
    • Susan Wegner, Esq., C88, President, Penn's Mid-Atlantic Advisory Board
    • Ramesh K. Gupta WG89, Vice President, LightSquares; all of whom inspired us at our 42nd Annual Joseph Wharton Award Dinner in May.
      • While we're on that topic, we'd welcome your suggestions as to honorees for our 43rd dinner, to be held in April. Just email us your thoughts with specifics on each, maybe even yourself. 
  • Our many Strategic Partners who helped expand the range of events we offer to members such as you. These Partners include our friends at the National Press, National Economist, Penn and Harvard B-School Clubs, and the MD Tech Council. Other great friends are the U.S., French-American and Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce.
  • Andrea Essex, Long & Foster, who's helped our Club on many program-related tasks for several years, including embassy events and conferences.
  • Finally, thanks again to you, our Member, for your support, through your membership and, where possible, your attendance at some of our robust calendar of programs.

Warm regards,


Alan N. Schlaifer, President


Jean-François Orsini, Chairman