You are invited to join us for lunch to learn about
revolutionary nanotechnology transforming gold mining & ownership:
New mining tech eliminates use of deadly mercury,
and the unique process distributes gold in units of 1/20th gram

 WHAT: Luncheon, Topic: "The Aurum: Using Nanotechnology to Transform Gold  Ownership"

Valaurum, Inc., was formed last fall.  Valaurum, Inc., and Dr. Adam Trexler have the exclusive rights to a proprietary product called the Aurum, which is method of distributing Bullion Gold in units of 1/20th of a gram and printing a message on the polyester "money" or certificate that securely holds the gold.  The Aurum will be used to promote mercury-free mining and other causes.

There are 10 million artisanal miners in the world who use deadly mercury to mine for gold.  For every ounce of gold produced by artisanal miners, at least 2 ounces of mercury are released permanently into the environment. 


Dr. Trexler has teamed up with Dr. Winston Wirht to use an alternative method that does not use cyanide or mercury to process gold, and thereby improve the lives of artisanal miners and the planet.  Dr. Wirht is the Chairman of the Board of the Suriname State Mining and Minerals Corp., NV. Both Drs. Trexler and Wirht will be speaking at the luncheon.

The Aurum is also used to democratize gold by selling gold to investors at spot price via the Aurum.  Because of the Aurum, no company other than Valaurum can afford to sell such small quantities of gold at spot price.  Other forms of gold typically have a 100% mark up.  The Aurum can be sold at spot price because gold mining companies have agreed to subsidize gold investors by having advertising printed on the Aurum.  Gold investors get their recoverable gold at spot price, and advertisers get their message to gold investors.

In terms of the social benefits, the biggest one is that the Aurum makes gold investment available to all people. The Aurum is more verifiable and divisible than any other form of gold, and it allows investment at $10 increments. These are significant advantages within the bullion market, but the Aurum also opens a much larger market. Most people do not have access to meaningful, international investment. The Aurum opens the secure, anti-cyclical, and anti-inflationary aspects of bullion to over a billion people who have been priced out of the market.

They are using the Aurum to raise money for three projects at present:

  • First, Dr. Wihrt is selling the Aurum to raise money for a central statue in Paramaribo, Suriname, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery
  • Second, Green Hearts Suriname is raising money to create a pilot program for mercury-free mining in Suriname. At least 60% of the gold there is now produced with mercury, leading to catastrophic effects in the population and environment. 
  • Third, they are using the Aurum to raise money for the Alliance for Responsible Mining, an NGO operating throughout Central and South America to help informal and artisanal miners achieve Fairtrade/Fairmined certification.

WHEN: Friday, March 8, 12 Noon-1:30 pm

WHERE: Maggiano's at Tyson's Galleria, Tysons Corner VA. Luncheon will be upstairs in one of the meeting rooms.

Free parking on the main level lot in front and in the garage.

REGISTER: Just 25/person for Wharton Club Members & Guests - lunch, program, networking


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