America's first zoo adds innovative new children's zoo
Press and visitors give rave "revoos" to KidsZooU
Stop there in Philly on your next trip
If with your offspring, a site NOT to skip

From the Zoo's press release on the new KidZooU, which just opened:

KidZooU: Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo & Faris Family Education Center is a new wildlife academy that unites a world-view education center with an up-close and personal children’s zoo. KidZooU offers dynamic displays, hands-on learning and rare and unusual goats, sheep, chickens and ducks for toddlers and tweens alike. This new wildlife academy will change the Zoo experience for both animals and guests.
KidZooU is located on the site of the former Pachyderm House and is a LEED-certified building and sustainable site. It is a year-round destination with extensive indoor and outdoor activities. Universal design makes it accessible to special needs communities.
The outdoor exhibit area includes a barnyard and stables where kids can pet and brush sheep, a 400-foot trail for rare goats, and a “goat bridge” built above the KidZooU entrance. While the goats scale their own supersize tower, children can climb a parallel structure. The Zoo is also extending Treetop Trail by adding a 925-foot exploration system that winds through the trees, down the Zoo’s main path, over KidZooU, connecting to PECO Primate Reserve. This will enable primates to travel this entire distance across the campus.
Indoors guests will marvel at a world teeming with coral reef fish, colorful parakeets, desert ants, and other extraordinary animals. Conservation stations and interactive exhibits show visitors how saving energy and recycling can help save wildlife. With KidZooU’s location in the heart of the Zoo, it will be a favorite destination
for all visitors.
To learn more about this and other features of the Zoo, you should go to the Zoo's website: click here.