All current Wharton Club members welcome to be considered
for our leadership team to maintain the vitality of our Club, one of the
largest, most active, and most vibrant in the Wharton Alumni Network


To maintain the strength of our Club, the newly elected Board of Directors of the Washington Club of DC is continuing to move the Club forward. A key focus now is the appointment of officers.

Several emails from the School and from the Club in recent month have sought applications from Club members who wished to be considered as officers. This is a reminder of that we are seeking members who are willing and able to fill these positions. The Board will vote on the candidates and make the final selections based on who we believe is the best match with our needs, hopefully from a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

All candidates for officers’ positions should be ready to serve for a minimum of anywhere from two to 10 hours per month to serve the Club and its members, with exceptions as noted. Each officer should also commit to being accessible by phone and email so that the Club may continue to flourish and maintain its robust programming and service to members.

While serving the Club, you can benefit by increasing your exposure and professional contacts. You will also be expanding your skill set, often in ways that help your career and sense of personal fulfillment.

Each candidate should include a short resume, contact information (telephone and email), and the following for each position for which he or she would like to be considered:

  • An explanation of your goals and vision for that position and your availability
  • A brief statement of why you believe you would do well in each position being sought
  • History as a member of the Wharton Club of DC and other Wharton Clubs, including participation and leadership; please include a brief statement of when you initially became a member and how long you have continuously belonged, as well as how many programs you attend in a typical year
  • Past for-profit, nonprofit, and other experience that may be relevant to the Board’s decision
  • Any awards you have won for your for-profit, nonprofit or other career experience
  • Other information you believe the Board should take into account in making its decision.

Please send us your submission(s) no later than 2 p.m. on April 27, 2013 to

These are the general requirements for each position; changes occur depending on the needs of the Club and its members:


With a significant time commitment each week, the Club’s President is the officer responsible for most key aspects of the Club’s operations. These may include:

  • Establishing the standing areas of responsibility that need to be attended regularly to insure the smooth functioning of the Club, as well as any additional special responsibilities.
  • Making sure that the officers have a thorough understanding of their duties and providing assistance reasonably needed to help them fulfill those responsibilities
  • Organizing, promoting, coordinating, supervising and running programs and conferences of the Club, both on its own and with other groups, such as the Harvard and other B-School clubs, as well as the National Press, National Economists, and other clubs, and the various Chambers of Commerce
  • Recruiting potential Club officers and Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders, for the Leads Council, Forums (e.g., Investment, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit, Healthcare/Nonprofit) and Roundtables (e.g., Green Business), and providing them with website and other support as reasonably needed
  • Meeting and reporting periodically to the Board of Directors, Advisory Board
  • Taking steps in conjunction with the Treasurer, the Board, and others as reasonably needed to maintain the financial viability of the Club
  • Developing and implementing, in conjunction with other officers, marketing and membership plans
  • Maintaining contact with the Wharton School and posting and publicizing Alumni Forums, MBA student-run programs, and other programs and news
  • Staying in touch with leaders of other Wharton Clubs
  • Taking needed steps, with other officers as needed, to retain the services of others as reasonably needed for events, bookkeeping, and other needs of the Club at expense levels that the Club can afford to pay
  • Communicating on a regular basis with Club members
  • Other duties as reasonably needed by the Club

Vice Presidents: Each to coordinate with President and other officers, and have following key responsibilities; these are general guidelines to be modified as appropriate to Club’s and members’ needs. These are the two posts requiring the greatest commitments:

  • Membership: Develop and implement plans to enhance membership benefits, and to grow membership, while attracting and retaining members at all levels, including President’s Club and Lifetime membership.
  • Programs: Coordinate with other Club officers, especially President, various other groups, and Club SIGs to maintain strong, varied programming of Club. Seek appropriate venues, including complimentary meeting rooms of professional services firms, in DC, MD and VA for Club programs, that are in convenient locations and entail affordable costs for the Club and attendees.

These are additional posts that the Club has had in the past and that the Board is considering, plus others that may be added, depending on the Club’s needs and the experience and time of members available to serve:

  • Alumni Club Liaison: Initiates and maintains egular contact with other Wharton Clubs, as well as the School, other B-School groups, and other alumni clubs, to benefit the Club and its members.
  • Career Opportunities: Post and solicit, through Club’s website, emails or otherwise as reasonably needed, potential job listings for Club members, and updating general career opportunities information on Club website. Post openings on Club website, and archive or delete positions that are filled.
  • International Affairs: Initiate and follow up on contact with embassies that are good prospects for hosting receptions and briefings of interest to Club members and other attendees.
  • Marketing: Conduct surveys and other research to determine member and attendee interests. Develop and implement a marketing plan for the Club, to build attendance at events and improve membership.
  • Wharton Award Dinner: Assist the President, Board and other officers in continuing the success of this “signature” Club event. Seeks potential candidates who have achieved significant career success, while also attaining significant degree of community or public service, and have been active in Wharton or Penn alumni network or our Club.

In addition, this is a call for those who have subject matter expertise in a field of interest to other members. We already have many SIGs (Special Interest Groups), such as our Forums (Investment, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare-Biotech, Tech, Nonprofit) and Roundtables (Green Business, Business of Government, Homeland Security-Defense). We would welcome your suggestion of a new SIG that you might lead, or your offer to help an existing one.

Two other officer position, namely, Treasurer and Secretary, will be filled by members of the Board of Directors. This is consistent with the practice of the New York Wharton Club, which we believe is a good model for our Club as well as to these offices.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in becoming part of our team. We always have room for members who want to help our Club  grow stronger and are willing to contribute in positive ways.

Whether or not you wish to be considered now, we appreciate your support for our Club and hope to see you at future Wharton Club of DC events.

Your Wharton Club of DC Board of Directors

Ramesh K. Gupta, WG’89

Kathy Koo, C’73, WG’76

Jean-Francois Orsini, WG’72, WPhD,

Alan N. Schlaifer, W’65

John Steigerwald, WG’95