DC Wharton Club, creates valuable new benefit for Club members:
what is believed to be first of its kind
Young Alumni Mentorship program offering recent -
and not so recent - alums chance to connect for mutual benefit

We are delighted to announce what we believe is the first program of its type in the Wharton Global Alumni Network.

Thanks to the efforts of two 2013 grads, Carolyn Vinnicombe and Katherine Long, this is an overview of the Wharton
Club of DC's new Mentorship Program

The Wharton Club of DC is offering an exciting new way for our Members to connect with and develop the next generation of Wharton alumni: the Wharton Club of DC Young Alumni Mentorship Program. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with the first program of its kind among Penn-affiliated groups. 

Taking part in the Young Alumni Mentorship Program represents the chance to be part of something special that allows Members to actively shape the future of the Wharton Club of DC and hopefully inspire similar ventures in our sister groups. 

  • The Young Alumni Mentorship Program, launching this month, is a development program designed to usher graduates of Wharton's Undergraduate and Graduate programs into Washington's Wharton community and offer mentors a chance to invest in Wharton's and our Club's next generation of leaders.
    • Mentees include WUG (Undergrad) 2008-2013 graduates and WMBA 2010-2013 graduates (including regular program and Exec. MBA).
    • Mentors include all other graduation years from both Undergrad and MBA programs.
  • Each mentor will be paired with 1-3 young alumni who have indicated interest in their professional field. Through several events throughout the fall and winter, mentors and mentees will have the chance to develop meaningful relationships that will last for years to come. 
  • Both mentors and mentees will gain fresh perspectives, new experiences, and the chance to connect with accomplished alumni with common professional goals and interests.
  • Our distinguished mentors will become an indispensable resource for their young mentees, providing them with expertise and guidance based on past experience in a field both exhibit interest in. 
  • Mentors will quickly become someone to turn to with questions on any topic - from goal setting and strategizing in one's career to finding the perfect DC brunch spot.

This program offers mentors the chance to gain satisfaction from helping new friends learn from their successes and mentees the chance to broaden their horizons and their thinking while building lasting professional relationships.

If you would like to join the Young Alumni Mentorship Program mentor, potential Mentors and Mentees alike should fill out the following survey

We will review your responses and, provided the Program is a fit, connect prospective Mentors with your new prospective mentee(s) prior to the date of the first mentor-mentee social event.

Cheers and a Toast to the Red & Blue!


Alan N. Schlaifer, President


Katie Long, VP, Membership


Carolyn Vinnicombe, VP, Marketing

Wharton Club of DC