Highlights of another terrific year for the Wharton Club of DC and its 500+ Members
Summary of key programs that help members advance in their careers & lives

The holidays have begun, and 2013 is rapidly drawing to a close.

In this season, the Wharton Club's Directors, Officers, and Forum chairs, including us, want to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays. Whatever you celebrate - Christmas, Chanukah (earlier this month), Kwanzaa, or other holidays, and New Year's - may your celebrations be fulfilling and heartfelt, while giving you great joy.

As we look back, we had a terrific year. A few highlights:

  • An election in which our slate of five Directors all won (including John Steigerwald, Kathy Koo and Ramesh Gupta in addition to us), then appointed officers, including several who had been serving the Club and adding other new ones and Forum chairs. These results have allowed us to continue our track record as one of the largest and most active Clubs in the Wharton Global Network and the largest and most active of all b-school clubs in our region and the U.S.
  • Over 350 new and renewed memberships, well up from last year, and one of the highest totals in our Club's history, thus maintaining our total membership at well over 500.
  • Another 200 or more programs. These are among the many programs that members found fulfilling and stimulating, broadening understanding in our ever more global world, a world where we give you tremendous access: a few highlights, on what our team accomplished, far more and a much better winning record, we assure you, than DC's NFL franchise.......:
    • Our Embassy Reception & Briefing Series and other programs to which members were invited.
      • included events at Botswana, France, Russia, Oman, Austria, Brazil and Haiti. In 2012, our Embassy events included Germany, Thailand, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and Paraguay, after India, Ghana, Georgia, Switzerland, Uruguay, the Philippines in the prior year. 
    • Special Interest Groups (SIGs): including our Wharton-HBS Leads Council (two per month, DC and MD, most months), and these Forums: Green Business, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Nonprofit and Business of Government. Thanks to the Members - Heinan Landa, Carolyn Johnson, Steve Lebischak, Farrah Holder, George Walker, Lenore Kistinger, Betsy Glick and Jonathan Lang, who helped make these group a key part of our Club's life.
    • The start of our new Mentorship Program, the first in the Wharton Network, thanks to new VPs Carolyn Vinnicombe and Katie Long, both 2013 alums.
    • Our 43rd Annual Joseph Wharton Award Dinner, the most of any Club, honoring fellow Wharton alums Mark Ein, Sherman Ragland, Suzanne Janes Peck & Heinan Landa
    • CEOs and other Leaders, from the public and private sectors and academia - breakfasts, lunches and other events, with such notables as 
      • Nobel Laureate Henry Kissinger
      • Fed Chair Ben Bernanke
      • former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina
      • GM Chair / CEO Dan Akerson
      • Whole Foods Founder & Co-CEO John Mackey
      • Former Fed Member Alice Rivlin
      • Wharton Prof Adam Grant
      • Tennis champion Chris Evert
      • Discovery Founder& Chair John Hendricks
      • Actress Shirley Jones
      • and many more.
    • Other events with top partners such as the HBS Club of DC, French-American and U.S. Chambers, and others, such as the National Press and National Economists Clubs
    • Wharton School Webinars, featuring Wharton professors discussing cutting-edge topics
    • Our 2014 Wharton DC Innovation Summit, set for the April 29-30 in DC, as to which planning began, and the pace of which is picking up. Thanks here to our entire Steering Committee!
    • Our 3rd Annual Holiday Party last week, with over 50 members and guests, our highest total yet, enjoying another opportunity to network and have fun doing it.
    • And much more.

Our 2014 calendar has already started getting posted. As it fills out, we will wind up with another 150-200 or more programs, just as we have had for several years.

Benefits Members receive from belonging to our Club and actively participating include:

  • Connections to thought leaders and other members
  • Job, contract and funding opportunities
  • Awareness of key issues and developments affecting business and the U.S. and global economy
  • Enjoyable cultural and social events
  • Interactions with speakers and leaders of other top b-school and professional groups
  • Pride in belonging to one of the best Clubs in the Wharton Alumni Network

Thanks, now, to you, our member, for supporting our Club and, we hope, attending at least a few events that you enjoyed and where your thoughts were stimulated and your contacts enhanced. 

    • Please let us know YOUR ideas for programs, especially where you may be a host, speaker, or help to organize an event
      • We're always interested in considering other venues, especially in downtown DC or in the Tysons-Reston corridor in Northern VA.
    • Also, let us know whether you're interested in being an officer, forum chair or other volunteer (must keep your membership active!). If you have ideas about new interest groups, we would love to hear them.
    • NOW is the time, when our calendar is still open that you can have your greatest impact. Maintain your membership, and renew now if you want an extra 2013 tax deduction (either as charitable [we're a 501c3 nonprofit] or business
      • The extra time is added to the end of your current term. In any event, please email us your thoughts.
      • It is sometimes said that it is "better to give than receive." One of Wharton Prof Adam Grant's views in his bestseller, Give & Take, is that givers often do better. As we've seen many times in this Club, those who help other Wharton Club members not only feel better, but often do better. Club membership can be a catalyst that boosts your profile and enhances your results, from friendships and business relationships, to your knowledge and zest for what life in this DC area has to offer. 

So enjoy the holidays, and let us work together to make your 2014 even better than the year that is nearly past. 

Warm regards and thanks on behalf of your officers and Board,


Alan Schlaifer, President


Jean-Francois Orsini, Chairman