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  • Measured Thoughts Mondays 4 to 5 pm ET

    Millions of dollars are spent each year to market a brand, but are companies getting what they paid for? Host David Reibstein explores the metrics of success. Listen to upper management as they share their stories on how to evaluate a company for long-term prosperity. From pricing to international branding, learn the best strategies to enhance a business’s performance and find out what should influence your next business decision.

  • The Digital Show Mondays 5 to 7 pm ET

    How can you use the Internet to boost sales of your product? Can the principles of game play be applied to your business plan? What’s on the horizon in business hard and software, gaming and communication? Professors Kartik Hosanagar, Kevin Werbach and former FCC Commissioner Reed Hundt bring their unparalleled knowledge of technology—the latest advances, the new ideas and the legal ramifications for you and your business.

  • Bay Area Ventures Mondays 7 to 9 pm ET

    Learn what’s happening now AND what’s coming up next in the San Francisco Bay Area. Broadcasting live from the campus of Wharton San Francisco, you’ll hear insights and opinions from entrepreneurs, financial experts and academic leaders in the tech and biotech industry who will give you clarity on what you need to know in order to stay ahead, whether you’re on the entrepreneurial or investor side of the equation. With your hosts Sam Brasch, Doug Collom, Donald Landwirth and Irina Yuen, it’s your graduate-level course on the San Francisco way of doing business.

  • Innovation Navigation Tuesdays from 8 to 10 am ET

    What is the secret to creativity? How can you make your team, your department, or your company more consistently innovative? Hear the latest techniques and practices that are revolutionizing industries. Whether it’s cutting edge products, exciting new services, or compelling customer experiences, host David Robertson guides you through the steps companies are taking to become “the next big thing.” Learn how the best companies are separating themselves from the competition.

  • The Wharton Sports Business Show Tuesdays from 4 to 5 pm ET

    Find out how managers and owners make the decisions that affect your favorite sports teams. When is it time to trade a player? Who is worth 30 million dollars a year and why? What can be done when a player or a coach says or does something that sparks controversy—how can you turn that behavior around? Professors Kenneth Shropshire and Scott Rosner, leaders of the Wharton Sports Business Initiative and authors of The Business of Sports, take you behind the scenes.

  • Your Money Tuesdays at 5 to 7 pm ET

    Saving for college tuition, planning for retirement or doing your taxes? Should you look into an IRA? Get practical advice on your personal finances from Professor Kent Smetters. Find out what today’s headlines mean for your pocket.

  • Work and Life Tuesdays 7 to 9 pm ET

    Career, family, community, and your private self (mind, body, spirit) – do you have to choose?  Professor Stew Friedman, host of “Work and Life,” explores how to create greater harmony among the different parts of your life and improve performance in all of them.  Tune in as Stew and leading experts discuss how we can live the lives we want in ways that benefit our businesses, our families, our society, and ourselves.

  • Wharton Moneyball Wednesdays from 8 to 10 am ET

    Sports is a game of numbers. Statistician experts Eric Bradlow, Shane Jensen, Cade Massey, and Adi Wyner team up to tackle the world of sports, from current events to longstanding issues such as: What sports streaks are the most impressive? How do you rank the best players? Can athletes be compared across sports? Wharton Moneyball explains how decision makers in the game can avoid the common mistakes and embrace the data.

  • Women @ Work Wednesdays from 4 to 5 pm ET

    The question of how to help advance women in the workplace is one that affects us all, women and men alike. The social and economic challenges facing the world today call for creative solutions. We all need to get the most out of the global talent pool . With 52% of the population representing only 40% of the work force, how can we help more women join, stay, succeed, and lead in the work place? This show is dedicated to the discussion and discovery of innovative practices for personal and system change-- examining ways to increase individual potential, enhancing capacity for living full meaningful lives and addressing ways women’s relationship with money, and it's capacity to create security and opportunity at every level of society can be a catalyst for creating value (of all kinds).

  • Marketing Matters Wednesdays from 5 to 7 pm ET

    Members of the largest, most-cited and most published marketing faculty in the world talk about marketing and advertising trends, retaining and predicting consumer behavior and much more. What makes a product go “viral”? How can you salvage a failed advertising campaign? What are winning strategies for introducing a new product?

  • Launch Pad Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm ET

    Have a great idea for a new product? Starting a business for the first time? Learn the ins and outs of raising the money you need and making the connections that count. Broadcasting from Wharton’s San Francisco, in the heart of the venture capital world, hosts Professor Karl Ulrich and Rob Coneybeer, both successful entrepreneurs, will share their secrets and interview the best in the business.

  • Dollars and Change Thursdays from 8 to 10 am ET

    What happens when the same minds that bring you smart phones, designer coffee, and standing desks turn their attention to social challenges such as poverty, poor education, and childhood obesity? Each week, hosts Professor Katherine Klein, Sherryl Kuhlman, and Jacob Gray highlight the individuals and organizations who are using their business smarts to change lives. Learn how your company’s positive impact in society can support your business model, drive innovation, and improve your bottom line.

  • When Things Go Wrong Thursdays 4 to 5 pm ET

    Ever had a flight cancelled for no apparent reason? Maybe you’ve been put on hold for more than an hour trying to get questions about your computer answered. Thursdays on Business Radio, we take a look at business through the lens of customer service—how could the airline have handled that cancellation better? Should the computer company have offered to call you back? Which companies really follow the motto, “the customer is always right?” Call with your stories and get answers to your customer service questions.

  • Leadership in Action Thursdays 7 to 9 pm ET

    Whether you are running a small family business or a large public company, being in charge has its own set of challenges. Each week, hosts Professor Michael Useem, Jeffrey Klein and Anne Greenhalgh invite business leaders from top organizations to reveal the steps to effective leadership. It’s more than just what you say and how you say it. Do you have what it takes to influence others and achieve high results?

  • In the Workplace Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm ET

    Management specialists Professors Peter Cappelli and Dan O’Meara examine the workplace and the challenges faced by business owners and job seekers. Learn the art of hiring the right people, resolving workplace conflicts, employing off-shore and how to effectively motivate and get more out of fewer employees. If you need a job, are managing others or are thinking about changing careers, learn the secrets to successful employment.

  • Behind the Markets Fridays from 1 to 2 pm ET

    Anyone can follow the ups and downs of Wall Street numbers—but on Behind the Markets get the insight you need to make the calls that will make or break your business. Host Jeremy Schwartz is joined each week by Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel, the author of Stocks for the Long Run, “the” book about stocks for market insiders. They’ll discusses the how and why behind the market’s performance, and talk with leading economists and market strategists about what’s ahead for the economy and your portfolio.

  • The Real Estate Hour Fridays 4 to 5 pm ET

    Is the housing market coming back? Overheating? Do we have a new bubble on our hands? And is commercial real estate a sound investment? How do you invest in real estate, and how does one make sense of historically low interest rates. Who are the policy makers, builders and investors that will shape the real estate that we live in, work in and shop at? Get the answers to these questions and more!