Asius Technologies, whose CEO is Steve Lebischak, WG02,
has earbuds that can produce better sound & help save the hearing of millions of people
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Asius Technologies’ CEO and Wharton grad / Wharton DC member Steve Lebischak, WG02, are competing in the Northern Virginia Technology Council's (NVTC) and Washington Post’s Destination Innovation to identify the region’s most disruptive product that solves a real-world problem.  Top vote-getting companies will deliver a two-minute pitch to a panel with top finishers competing in a head-to-head question and answer session that will determine the overall winner. 

Asius’s earbuds sound louder and better at lower volumes by using a second eardrum to eliminate the harmful pressures that cause hearing loss. This can help millions of people throughout the US and abroad of all ages.

In December Asius sold nearly $650,000 of their professional and consumer models on Kickstarter.

Here's more info from Steve on why this is such an important problem, and why they have the cure:

  • There has been a 77% increase in hearing loss among adolescents attributed to earbuds.
    • 125 million earbuds are sold each year and they all needlessly contribute to hearing loss.
  • 10 million Americans suffer from noise-induced hearing loss
    • Many exposed to noisy environments don't wear hearing protection because it is not comfortable and if they do wear hearing protection it is not worn properly and is ineffective. 
    • Since 1977, the Veterans Administration has paid $7.5 billion in disability payments, making hearing loss is the #1 DoD disability - and this does not include tinnitus or added costs of treatment, hearing aids, retraining or hearing loss benefits as lesser claims. 
  • We discovered the cause and invented the cure
    • Turning down the volume is not the solution. 
    • The technology is now being used by top artists like Beyoncé and Garth Brooks.
    • We are also funded by NSF to develop a next generation of hearing protection. 
  • We have invented a comfortable, on-size-fits-all effective hearing protection that converts noise to an air pressure that inflates a balloon in the ear canal that seals out noise.
  • You might enjoy this video.  It was filmed in January at our booth at the National Assoc. of Music Merchants show.

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