Wharton DC Innovation Summit

4th Annual

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 8AM to 8PM

Bethesda North Conference Center & Marriott Hotel

5901 Marinelli Road

North Bethesda, MD 20852 USA

Innovate. Power your creativity. Connect and collaborate... The Wharton DC Summit has a rich history of making things happen. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur or are intellectually intrigued by innovation, the Wharton DC Summit is the place to be on May 9th. Click here to register!

(Note: 3 additional tracks being added. Funding Options, Drones, Blockchain, IP and more...To be posted shortly. But sign up NOW, before rates rise.)

Track 1 - Urban Innovation (Inventropolis)

09:30 – 10:45   Energy
Society’s lifeblood; affecting how we live, work and play.
  The 100-year old US power grid hasn’t changed much, nor have regulations. Carbon-laden fuels like coal have climate implications and cause health-threatening pollution...so much so that Bill Gates is driving an effort to bring nuclear to China. Then there is the cost of energy… To kick off our discussion will be an overview of distributed, micro urban powerplants and how these can be used in both developed and developing markets.  
> Josh Yu, UrbanLabs
> Joaquin Aviles-Lopez, i4sd
> Elena Christopoulos, Santa Monica
> Nick Davis, GridMarket LLC (Invited)
> Asim Hussain, Bloom Energy (Invited)
11:00 – 12:15   Move
Bikes to Driverless Cars, Cities on the Move.
  Ford's CEO Mark Fields sums it up from the private sector perspective: When you look at the traditional business of selling cars and trucks, around the world all the automakers combined it’s about a $2.3 trillion business...If you open that lens up to transportation services — mass transit, ride hailing, ride-sharing [and] those kinds of things — it’s a $5.4 trillion business. We, as well as our competitors, get zero of that [business] today. We will start our conversation by asking our experts about how their product/service fit within this $5.4 trillion space.
> Patrick Halligan, Lyft
> Holly Parker, Noa Technologies
> Ario Keshani, Split
> Patrick Hoffman, Superpedestrian
> Beaudry Kock, Ford (Invited)
> Andrei Greenawalt, Via
> Rob McPherson, BAAS Bikes
01.45 – 03:00   Connected
A Dynamic, Urban Nervous System.
  This panel will be a broad discussion on how to make money from different forms of connectivity. Following individual presentations, to get the conversation going, we will ask our experts on the relationship between transportation, energy and connectivity, specifically with respect to bike share and driverless cars. We will also go deep and ask our experts about the implication of broad connectivity on real estate values.
> Tim Meyer, IBM
> Starling Childs, Citiesense
> Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Connecthings
> Scott Kolber, Roadify
> David Gilford, Intersection (Invited)
03:15 – 04:30   Bike Wars!
Gateway to a $5.4 Trillion Industry?
  Over the past six months, numerous, extremely well financed, Chinese companies have been flooding cities with a slim smart-bike. BlueGoGo was rumored to be deploying 20,000 bikes in the San Francisco market - which already has 700 conventional bike share bikes. These companies seem to be following classic disruptive theory where they enter the low end of the transportation market and overtime improve their product/service to garner the middle and ultimately typically more profitable high end of the $5.4 trillion transportation services market. We will ask our experts about the implications of this Chinese tsunami on bike share and biking in general (conventional and electric).
> Philipp Meyer-Schmeling, CEO, Noa Technologies
> Sven Etzelsberger, CTO, 626
> Paul DeMaio, MetroBike
> Derrick Ko, Spin
> Ilya Movshovich, BlueGoGo
> Tim Ericson, Zagster
> Mateo Bueno, LimeBike (Invited)
> Davis Wang, Mobike (Invited)


Track 2 - Healthcare Innovation

09:30 – 10:45   Healthcare and Cybersecurity:
How to Maintain ROI in a Rapidly Escalating Threat Environment. 
  Cybercrime is a $ 600 billion global problem, including $638 million ransomware losses, which increasingly surface in healthcare.  Healthcare breaches in 2016 escalated by a factor of 125 over the number in 2015. We address the evolving list of key strategic DOs and DON’Ts (first) for internal threats. Then we discuss the planning needed for the much larger array of external threats (including ransomware). We address how to handle the minimum C-Level planning required, with a keen eye for the ROI.
> Greg Cullison, CEO, Big Sky Associates
> Mark Goldstein, Deputy CISO, Forcepoint
> Doug Copley, Deputy CISO, Forcepoint

11:00 – 12:15   CASE STUDY:
Launching a HIT Platform for Psychiatric Care.
  Psychiatric approaches to care use a traditional “knowledge base,” but raising that knowledge base to 21st century standards of care offers challenges.  In this CASE STUDY, the Tiatros Inc. team addresses the extensive transformation required, especially in partnering with major Fortune 100 companies and in developing a health information technology (HIT) platform to address the psychiatric dimension of chronic care (including PTSD).
> Kimberlie Cerrone, JD, CEO and Founder of Tiatros, Inc.
> Dr. Kim Norman, MD, Professor at University of California, San Francisco

01.45 – 03:00   Precision Medicine Case Study: Addressing Mitochondrial Disorders Using Genetic Techniques.

  Mitochondrial issues exist at low level in most humans, and when they evolve – presenting as stomach issues or dysfunctions elsewhere -- they are maddeningly difficult to pinpoint and develop a treatment plan with which to address the medical distress. In this CASE STUDY, Dr. Marni Falk (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Director, Mitochondrial Medicine Center) – offers a full overview of the challenges of precision medicine, then walks us thru her work and the community she’s building to raise awareness of this emerging arena.
> Dr. Marni Falk, MD, Assoc. Professor (Human Genetics) Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and UPenn’s Perelman School of Medicine; Director of the Mitochondrial Disease Center
03:15 – 04:30   Developing Your Digital Playbook for Innovation: A Workshop in 2 Parts.
  Innovation strategy is critical to every team working on digital transformation, and while many are hesitant to start the process, it’s actually a manageable one for pilot efforts and longer initiatives.  One key Is to pay attention to the human dimension alongside the technology plan.This workshop offers hands-on exercises to launch your innovation-plan process. It guides you through the terrain and provides 1 “take-away” task you can evolve further at work -- while engaging with workshop colleagues (via feedback, ideas).  In short, our 2-stage workshop launches at the Summit but translates into ongoing workplace initiatives. 
> Joyce Hunter, CEO, Vulcan Enterprises; Former Deputy CIO, Department of Agriculture
> Ali Qureshi, Managing Director at Surdak & Company
> Lee Dudka, Senior Advisor, SyTrue, Inc.