How to Market Your Business Effectively on Social Media in 2018

Featuring Chris Gavin, CEO and Marketing Guru, Digitech Marketing, an experienced entrepreneur, investor, finance wiz.Takeaways will include where to market in 2018 to get the best ROI on your marketing investment, and what the next 2-4 years look like in Social Media.

How to Market Your Business Effectively on Social Media

  • Why TV, Radio, Billboards, Display Ads, and Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are ruining your company
  • Where to market in 2018
  • Why Facebook is so powerfu now
  • Why Content is King, and Engagement is Queen
  • The Future 24/48 months for social media

About Digitech:

  • Digitech has averaged triple-digit percent increases in revenue working with hundreds of companies nationwide - from small startups run out of garages to multi-billion dollar businesses. The company has created of attention-getting – and results-generating - content, including live action and animated video content.
  • Digitech’s growing clientele includes businesses in an increasing range of industries. These include healthcare software, food service, non-profits, healthcare providers, cryptocurrency, retail, home services (power washing, landscaping) and wholesale distributors.
  • A few of the outstanding results their targeted services have helped to achieve:
    • Turning $6,000 in strategic Social Media buys into $600,000 in gross revenue, a 150% increase in one year
    • Slashing CPC (Cost-Per-Click) down from $20 to $.10, a 99.5% reduction
    • Cutting CPM (Cost Per Thousand views) costs down to half of the Facebook average.

Meet the Speaker:

Chris Gavin, CEO and Marketing Guru, Digitech Marketing

  • Chris Gavin is an entrepreneur, investor, finance wiz, and marketing guru. His love of business began at the age of 8, when he created a charitable restaurant that went on to raise tens of thousands of dollars for children with cancer.
  • As an adult, Chris gained business experience working in insurance, E-commerce, and digital advertising.  Georgetown University, recognized as an award-winning entrepreneur for his innovative, online discount retailer, Rocket Bargain, whchris-headshot-no-backgroundich ended with a successful exit. 
  • Two key factors have led him to his current roles as CEO, and Marketing Guru, of Digitech Marketing. One is his deep knowledge and understanding of social media marketing, web design, and digital advertising, gained as the CEO of Rocket Bargain. The second is formal training in sales and marketing from some of the best mentors in business today. Chris also manages a family investment fund that is averaging a 33% annualized return. Chris currently also owns an equity stake in over 10 startup companies nationwide.  
  • He attended the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and was a participant in the University’s Division 1 Football Program.  Chris finds it stimulating to spend time perfecting his skills with his continuous studies of cutting edge technology, new digital platforms, and the business marketplace.  He enjoys educating others, lifting weights, basketball, football, golf, and of course, spending time with his family and girlfriend.

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