Club Membership Does Have Privileges, and They Can Be Yours

American Express is right, and you can be "right on,"
by joining the Wharton Club now, before year-end, perhaps for a tax deduction
You can do so online, by calling 301-365-8999, or by mail

If you're already a member, as many hundreds of our fellow alumni have done, you've already enjoyed these privileges, including a rich menu of programs that are the envy of other B-School alumni and among the best in the global Wharton network. Thanks for your past and continuing support!

If you just joined, you are entitled to them now. Thanks to you, too!

If you're in either of those groups and are sure you're a member, no need to read further - unless you want to consider this your year-end Annual Report.

What if you're not in these categories, and you've never belonged to our Club, or your membership expired?
(If you're not sure, just login, or give us a quick call at 301-365-8999)
You have been receiving our emails because we try to keep all area alumni aware of what's happening and the benefits. Just receiving emails, however, if you've never joined or are not current, confers awareness but not membership status.

Don't despair if you're not now a member, for you can join this select group quickly and easily, in just a few minutes. Doing so now will give you access to one or more years of benefits (depending on which membership option you choose).

(Just go to the Wharton Club of DC homepage and login if you're ready to sign up now, or after reading about a few of the benefits:
Please note that one contact, or one program, could readily justify joining - and remaining a member:
--your network needs to be grown, cultivated, and maintained.
Examples - and they're just three of many:
One member just got a lucrative consulting assignment through a contact
from one of the programs he attended.
- and we don't mean Steve ;-):
Two members who helped the Club got great jobs with a leading
area company - thanks to contacts facilitated by the Club

If you want to learn more, this a brief summary of the benefits you'll get once you become a member:

These are some of the privileges that have led Wharton alumni to drive membership up more than 100% in less than two years.
Please take a quick look at all the privileges you’ll be gaining over the coming months or years, and all that can be yours if you take a few minutes and join or reinstate your membership now:

Access to Personal and Professional Development

As one of the most active clubs in the worldwide Wharton School Alumni Network, we offer our members:
--Access to key people and resources to further your personal and professional development
--Access to top business and political leaders and more: embassies, unique cultural events
--Access to powerful networking opportunities and potential colleagues, clients and friends.

Leslie Morgan Steiner, Lawler Kang, Fed Governor Susan Schmidt Bies
Powerful Times by Conference Keynoter Eamonn Kelly, NYC on 9/11

Some programs are already on the 2006 calendar, with many more to come.
These are a few examples; you can see others under "Events" on our website:
Fellow Wharton alumni and authors of important books,
--Leslie Morgan Steiner, The Mommy Wars,
and Lawler Kang, Passion at Work
Fed Governor Susan Schmidt Bies, and many more TBA,
Our timely 5th Annual Conference, "Powerful Leadership in Perilous Times:
Preparing Your Business"
, in March

Lithuanian Ambassador Usackas, Paul Wolfowitz, Petra Nemcova, Mireille Guiliano, Gov. Ed Rendell C'65

If "the past is prologue to the future," in November and December alone, we offered these activities:
• A reception hosted by the Ambassador of Lithuania at that country’s historic Embassy, featuring a discussion of his country’s rapid growth
• A breakfast with Dr. Cynthia Glassman, SEC Commissioner (MA and PhD from Penn)
• A luncheon with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who discussed the tumultuous 2004-2005 lockout and the future of the NHL
• Luncheon with Paul Wolfowitz, President, World Bank Group
• A luncheon with Petra Nemcova, supermodel, 2004 tsunami survivor, and author, with Jane Scovell, of the bestseller, “Love Always, Petra,” the story of her life and her experience in the tsunami disaster that devastated Thailand
• A dinner with renowned author and executive Mireille Guiliano, author of the million-plus bestseller, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”, and President and CEO of Cliquot, Inc.
• Luncheon with Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, a fellow Penn alum

Meg Whitman, Jerry Yang, Robert Rubin
Other past events have been just as varied, featuring other compelling speakers, including::
Industry titans Jack Welch, legendary former CEO of GE; Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay; Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo, and more
Government leaders, including Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, and Michael Leavitt, current Secretary of Health and Human Services
Top foreign government officials, including India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh
Three star, popular Wharton Professors:
--• Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor, Professor of Marketing and author in 2004 of “The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business”
--• Mike Useem, The William and Jacalyn Egan Professor, Professor of Management
--• Richard Shell, Thomas Gerrity Professor, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management

Unique and Valuable Added Benefits
Our Club also gives you immediate access to uniquely valuable networking and career-building opportunities, plus other advantages of your membership:
New Wharton Club of DC's Job Board
New in November 2005. But only current members of the Wharton Club of DC will have access to posted listings.

Wharton Club's D.C. Area Career Opportunities Guide
The Guide contains a great deal of information about job options in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. It is free - as a benefit of membership - and is available only to current members of our Club. The new version will be available early in 2006 – for members only.

Wharton Club Leads Council
The Leads Council helps members get strategic input from other members, while generating added revenues for their businesses. Membership is open only to Wharton grads who are Club members.

Professional Development Series
The Professional Development series has dealt with topics critical to career success: from how to make a career transition and using a career coach, to overcoming obstacles in your career and secrets of working with recruiters. One of the more recent career-oriented initiatives is a Transitions Group for those considering a new career path, a return to the workplace after a hiatus, or part-time paid or volunteer work options at nonprofits.

Great discounts are available only to current members:
--Wharton School Publishing offers 30% discounts to Club members
--New Benefit, Worth $95, for members only:
a free one-year subscription to the Gallup Management Journal, a source of management, marketing, and other insights you may find useful in your business and your career.

Lodging for Current Members
Special 15% Discount at Thomas Bond House, a Historic B&B in Philadelphia,
and savings at Club Quarters in leading cities in the U.S. and London

Members Save Over 40% at Sports Club/LA
Current members enjoy special discounts on initiation fees at DC area's premier health & fitness club. These savings alone can more than pay for your Wharton Club dues.

ReciproCity with Member Clubs When You Travel
If your membership in the Club is current, you should be able to attend events in specified Wharton Clubs around the country (and in London, Paris and elsewhere abroad) at member prices.

The Wharton Brand - Your Club and Your Brand

Finally, a bright, active, vibrant local Wharton community benefits every alum, including you. The Wharton brand helps you grow your personal brand--when you do well, it reflects well on Wharton, and when Wharton does well, it reflects well on you. The Club does its part to create that vibrant Wharton community both at events and through our network...and we do it largely through the support of every alum via membership dues.

Please take a moment now to join or reinstate your membership online on this site, - just go to the membership tab or login at, and you'll get a prompt.

You may enjoy and find it useful to read what your fellow alums have to say
about their experiences as members of our Club
(emphasis added):

"…[T]he Wharton Club of DC Leads Council is the key element of the club. It has helped me in business and, frankly, personally as well. I take great pride in that group and it has been a source of new business, intelligent thought, and good friends and contacts."

"Mixing business with pleasure…means joining the Wharton School Club of DC and participating assiduously [in] the events. How else [would we] have the opportunity to network at a very high level with fellow graduates and other participants and speakers at these events, while enjoying some of the best receptions and entertainments that the city can offer? They say a key to be[ing] successful at one's job is to love it. Well, you may now love any job if it requires that you cultivate your contacts through the Wharton club, both for career [and] business development."

"The people, the people, the people. They first and foremost have been the outstanding benefit. For a group that shares a common outstanding educational background, I find a wonderful diversity of outlook and thought. I have also enjoyed the contact over a wide age range…."

"We have the best club, and you do a great job.
As to benefits:
(1) [The Club has] both a current and expanding network of professionals in the Washington Metro area;
(2) [The Club is] a good group to get out beyond the work scene and enjoy the area; and
(3) [The Club is] a useful way to remain involved in the school and make a contribution."

"One of the best things I did 3 years ago when my husband and I moved to the Washington, DC area was join the Wharton Club of DC. Through my membership in the club, I have met many interesting people and made some great friends."

Please join or reinstate your membership now while it’s fresh on your mind. Just visit the Wharton Club of DC homepage .

Thank you for your support of the Wharton Club of D.C., in joining, attending our programs, and otherwise supporting our Club and our School!

Whatever you decide, best regards from our entire Board for your New Year,

Alan N. Schlaifer, Esq., W’65, President
Joanne Fay, W’83, Vice President, Membership

Wharton Club of D.C.

PS – Most programs are for members only, or at least offer big savings.
So sign up online now to get those and the other benefits listed above at
the Wharton Club of DC homepage,
or just call us at 301-365-8999, and you’ll be a member in just a few minutes.