New Wharton Club Member Benefits: Directory, Career Guide

For Members Only, Online Directory to be available early in February
Club's Career Guide, also for Members Only, also being updated
Plus, Savings on other purchases TBA

Just a brief note for current members and other local alumni who are prospective members that may motivate you to join as you consider our Club's "value proposition:"

By mid-February, we'll make available two benefits that you will be able to use whether you can attend events or not.
You must, however, be a current member to access these and other members-only benefits. As with Amex, "Wharton Club membership does have its privileges," and they keep growing if you belong or join.

One is an online member and local alum directory. Before we launch this, we are encouraging everyone to review and update their data. This helps you and others maximize your opportunities to network. Doing so helps build our Wharton community and build on the value of your Wharton degree.

You can help by updating your personal and professional data at your earliest convenience. Just login on our homepage at to start the process.

The second is the 2006 version of our Career Opportunities Guide.
We're going through our final updates and edits on it now and expect it to be ready for members by mid-February.

Both of these are but two of the many benefits if you are a member of our Club.
As you're aware from seeing email newsletters, or just quickly glancing at our website, we offer a rich and robust array of programs. In a sense, we function as your Club of Clubs, giving you many of the best programs of other alumni and business groups through your Wharton Club of DC membership.

This benefit is available whether you're in DC or out of town. For if you are visiting a city with another Wharton Club that has a program of interest to you, our ReciproCITY privilege gives you access to the events of other participating Wharton Clubs at the same prices as their members pay.

We are working on adding other valuable, non-attendance benefits also. These could generate even greater ROI on your Club investment and participation.

Whatever we add for Club members only, this is a "heads-up" for you now. If you're a member, thanks for supporting our growing Club!

And if you're not, why not take a few minutes and start enjoying the many valuable benefits of membership now? If you have any questions, just call us at 301-365-8999.