Wharton Club Seeks News Updates from Members

Free publicity for you, and a great way to stay in touch
with classmates, other friends, and members of the DC Wharton community

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Read all about it!

And it can be all about you! Here's your chance to help get the word out. News items may reflect a professional or personal achievement or experience that you want to share. They should be anywhere from 50 to 350 words long.

Here are a few ideas:
--Advancement in your career
--Expansion of your business
--Starting your own firm
--Teaching a course, or speaking at a business program
--Change in your family situation, such as an addition of one or more persons to your life
--A special achievement by one of your children, or grandchildren
--A move
--Community service involvement
--An article or book you had published
--An award you received, or other recognition
--A trip you just took, or cultural activity you enjoyed
--Restaurant, hotel or travel recommendation
--In short, any personal or career experience that makes you feel good, and you want to share

These types of items are the most looked-at parts of the Wharton Alumni Magazine, and they can be part of our website as well. They take very little time to writeup, and they may help you personally and professionally. Stories need not be headliners, just brief and interesting.

So just write your news item up, and email it to the Club:
by clicking here.

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But we can only post what we know, so please send us some short items for our website and coming Club newsletters. Thanks!