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Latest developments concerning your fellow alumni:
Dave Schmidt, WG00; Don Roth, WG93; Jeff Adler, W84; Joan Walsh Cassedy, WG82
AJ Schuler, W88; Ellis Rosenberg, WG94
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Congratulations to:
--David Schmidt, WG'00, our esteemed Club VP for Marketing, who has joined a for-profit education company (K12, Inc.) in northern Virginia. He writes, "I’m enjoying the work (Marketing – Strategy and Analysis for New Markets)."

--Ellis Rosenberg, WG'84 on becoming Director of Business Development at AARP Services, Inc.

--Joan Walsh Cassedy, CAE, WG'82, a past president of the Wharton School Club of Washington and recipient of the 2004 Joseph Wharton Award, was elected Vice Chairman of the Industry Technical Advisory Committee 16 on Standards and Technical Trade Barriers. This is a joint advisory committee to the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative. The term is for four years.

--A.J. Schuler, PhD, W'88, a long-time member of the Club's Leads Council, will be teaching a course on negotiations at Wharton this fall. Also an expert in group dynamics and team building, along with organizational growth, he occasionally leads Council luncheon meetings. AJ also has a blog you should check out for information that can help you manage, lead and compete more effectively: AJ's blogspot.

More Member News and Views: Your Opportunity to Sound Off
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Don Roth, WG'93, Says Chase Condo is Great Buy in Bethesda
Experienced in the downtown Bethesda condo market, Don says the Chase conversion presents the last reasonably priced opportunity
Don is with Long & Foster's #1 office, Bethesda Gateway.

Don says, “The 377-unit Chase condo, which began sales in May, has experienced remarkable success despite the slowing overall market for luxury condos. However, because of the rights of existing tenants to remain until the termination of their leases, there will be numerous opportunities to purchase over the next couple of years.”

Don cites these favorable factors for his views. “Construction costs have soared; the approval process in Montgomery County has become increasingly challenged for developers, and the general shortage of space assures that any new construction will be priced well above the prices at the Chase.” He adds, “Also, present market conditions are not favorable for additional conversions of from among the few rental buildings.”

Don knows the Chase buildings from having maintained an apartment there for the past 6 years, and having sold a number of units in the initial weeks of conversion. He can be contacted at 301 523 5000 or by email at

Jeffrey Adler, W’84, President of Centrac DC, Announces
Two Major Developments.

One is that he is among the first persons in his field to earn the Professional Researcher Certification from the Marketing Research Association. The PRC shows that, among other things, an individual is proficient in current research practices related to his or her job category. This prestigious award signifies that an individual has met a stringent set of criteria and possesses the knowledge and practical experience in marketing research necessary to earn this esteemed credential.

Second, Centrac DC has announced the opening of its Houston office and the appointment of Tom Clark as manager of the new location. This reflects the firm’s continued growth and will help to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for its marketing research services. Before joining Centrac, Mr. Clark was a research manager at Research Connections, Inc., for more than 15 years, where he specialized in working with U.S. pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Jeff says, “While Centrac has always been national and even international in scope, this gives us a physical presence beyond the East Coast. With more than 30 years of marketing research experience, Mr. Clark is a valuable addition to Centrac DC." Jeff adds, "To have him head up our new office is even more exciting."

About Centrac DC
Originally part of the Centrac family of marketing research companies, founded in 1971, Centrac DC is one of the country’s Leading Market Research Companies. Our national client base includes a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 and other companies. For more information, log on to the Centrac DC Web site at You may also contact Jeff directly at 301/840-3850 or by email at

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