Club Seeks Roundtable Leaders, Members

Following 4+ years of Leads Council success,
we have a new Nonprofit Roundtable
Roundtables target industries, interests, or professions
to help you build relations with your peers, advance your career
Ready to lead or participate?

For over 3 years, our Leads Council has been a vigorous forum. In addition to the active exchange of leads among non-competing members, it has also stimulated other activities that have built the businesses of active members.

Members have gained strategic insights from others into their own businesses, while helping others in the same way. The synergy produced has even resulted in a dramatic expansion of one member's business by the acquisition of accounts from another business. The referral came from a fellow Leads Council member, and the acquiring business also received valuable input from a third Leads Council member who was retained to work on various internal issues.

We are looking for new ways to replicate this success of members getting to know, help, and be assisted by other members. Roundtables and similar approaches may further this peer-to-peer goal. This approach, through "Affinity Groups," has been very dynamic in the New York City Wharton Club and is very appealing.

While our Leads Council (LC) has met twice per month, the Roundtables have adopted their own schedules. Venues may vary according to members' schedules and needs; LC started in Gaithersburg, but is now in Bethesda. Other issues can also be addressed as Roundtables are formed. We want to have Roundtables where they meet a need of enough Wharton Club members who are willing and able to work together to fill shared goals. They may be either professional designation (e.g., accounting, consulting) or industry-oriented. If you qualify, you may be a member of more than one, depending on your time, experience, position, and interests. Overal objectives of these groups may include networking, education/best practices, and career advancement/enhancement.

These are some of the Roundtables (or they could be called Councils; the names are less important than the results) we are now considering, with brief preliminary thoughts about them (those in bold are active)

  • Nonprofit Roundtable, now active with Co-Chairs Clint O'Brien and Peter Van Allen. Every month, third Friday; great topics and participants!
  • International Trade & Finance: Kati Suominen is in charge.
  • Digital Media/Telecom: successful under direction of Anuj Agrawal
  • Defense & National Security - successfully started by Kirk Macchiavello
  • Healthcare; with Jon Schoonmaker
  • Consulting
  • C Circle Roundtable; for non-competing C-level executives in varied businesses and industries; this may gain input from the Wharton Club of Southern California, which has been operating one very successfully (we can even put you in touch with the officer of that club who's gotten great results, to help make your job easier - and your results better).
  • Investment Banking Roundtable; may include other relevant areas, such as private equity and venture capital
  • Real Estate Roundtable; should include varied aspects of commercial and residential development, as well as management and investment
  • Government Roundtable; for public servants in all branches and at all levels of government
  • Government Procurement
  • Investment Management Roundtable; may include varied roles such as investment counseling, mutual fund management, and related activities
  • Green Investing & Practices/Business, following success of Green Business Summit; including alternative technologies, financial products, and options for eco-friendly energy/product users and suppliers. Given success of "Green Festivals" in DC, Chicago and San Francisco in past 5 years, huge markets are opening up and expanding for those who want to "go for the green" in more ways than one.

For a successful launch and operation, we need YOUR input to learn what you need and might support. At this point, the opportunities exist, and we are open to your suggestions and volunteering. Those that we ultimately operate will be the ones that you and your fellow members support.

Please call Alan at 301-365-8999 or email him with your thoughts. If you are interested in the Nonprofit Roundtable, please contact Joan or Tony and copy Alan (
email him). Roundtables are more ways we are working to help you advance your career and life in the D.C. area, but we need your input and participation so that we don't proceed in a vacuum.

Thanks for your input and supporting our rapidly growing Club!