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Career Opportunities

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It may help you whether you are looking for a job or have one or more to fill. In the latter regard, please let us know about positions of which you're aware so that we can add them to the Job Board! Call Club President Alan Schlaifer @ 301-365-8999, or email him: Alan's email or Douglas Cofer, our VP for Career Opportunities.

One of the best ways to maximize your career and personal potential is by joining and actively participating in our Club's many programs. Volunteering to help the Club is a great way to increase your networking potential even more. Many job leads and outstanding jobs, in every stage of the economy - from peaks to valleys - have come from contacts and helping the Club. If you want to help the Club in any area, from programs or membership, to special interest areas or even career opportunities, just let us know. You could help yourself - and others.

Just find an area of interest, such as membership, marketing, programs, or Annual Dinner, that will either build on your experience or expand it, and let us know what you'd like to do. Experience is not necessary, but a can-do attitude and willingness to do a good job are vital, for the dividends to you can be huge in your career and personal life.

Here are some additional options for you to consider:

Wharton Club's D.C. Area Career Opportunities Guide
Our Club used to have popular Career Guide that is periodically revised. In the pre-Internet economy, it helped many alums find new jobs and advance in their careers. But these days, job opportunities and guidance are readily available in other forms and forums, better suited to career and job needs than our book. Job Boards, our own and others, as well as Club programs and other sources listed in this article, are much more likely to be productive for you.

We posted portions of an article from Forbes magazine about why the DC area is ranked #1 in the nation for job opportunities. Look under "News" on our website, and follow click on this link to the Forbes article Link to Forbes article: We hope you find it helpful.

Wharton Club of DC's Job Board
- Post and Keep Posted
You can see brief descriptions on our homepage. Please read the separate article under News items on this website to learn more. In brief, only current members of the Wharton Club of DC will have access to the full text of posted listings, after you login. Douglas Cofer, our Vice President for Career Opportunities, posts periodic updates to these.

You may have a dual interest in this part of our website: finding a job, or posting jobs at your organization or elsewhere that may be of interest to your fellow Wharton alumni. If you know of any openings, or have updates on any of the listings, it would be best to notify Douglas by email .

Career Related Websites

Check out the Wharton Alumni site at: You can find information such as when the next homecoming is scheduled, and how to get a lifelong Wharton email address.

You should also view the substantial resources available to Wharton's graduate and undergraduate alumni. Our Club's Career Guide is going to contain a summary of what the MBA Career Management Office provides to help you. This is what they have written:
The Wharton MBA Career Management office believes that career development is a lifelong process. Our goal is to provide Wharton alumni with valuable resources and information to effectively navigate through the career management process and facilitate successful career transitions. To this end, we have diligently researched, evaluated and compiled a comprehensive array of resources exclusive to Wharton alumni. This complete set of services, available online from our Alumni homepage, can be accessed by Wharton alumni [MBA or not] at no cost or at reduced rates.

To learn the full extent of the available Wharton alumni resources, go to the School's career site: There are many excellent links to well-researched Internet resources for job listings and career guidance. The site includes the school's job listings and the school's Alumni Database, also known as WAVE (Wharton Alumni Virtual Experience. "Catching the WAVE" may help you find long lost classmates and other Wharton alumni.

Other Wharton Clubs

Here are a few of the sites of other active Wharton Alumni Clubs in the U.S. and abroad (links to most are at the bottom of this page and other pages on our website):

Wharton's own site also lists information about the over 80 clubs and regional representatives in the 80,000 person global Wharton alumni network. Here's the address of the School's site: Wharton School Alumni Clubs

Local Career Opportunities
There are several local firms offering career opportunities right here in the greater DC area:

  • Washington Network Group - A DC area networking organization of professionals in business, finance, technology, foreign and government affairs. This group has a large selection of jobs listed on its Job Board, which is frequently updated.
  • Executive Biz Jobs - Where DC area executives go for jobs, and perhaps you, too, can find one there.
  • Venture Loop - Jobs posted by Venture Capital firms or VC-sponsored start-ups.
  • Mitre Corporation - A not-for-profit organization chartered to work in the public interest with opportunities in systems engineering, information technology, operational concepts, and enterprise modernization. Wharton Club members can slice through the red tape by sending their resume directly to Marcia Kerchner (include the requisition ID) and she will personally usher your resume directly to the hiring manager for the position.

Career Opportunities On The Internet
And, of course, the Internet offers a number of national and international career sites many of which allow you to create and save custom searches to hone in on opportunities that meet your area of interest. The Washington Network Group and Executive Biz, listed in the prior section, both typically have large assortments of attractive jobs in the DC area. You might also consider these:

  • Monster (one of most popular and most massive sites, living up to its name)
  • CareerBuilder
  • HotJobs (describes itself as a leading Internet-based recruiting solutions company)
  • JobDirect (major focus is students)
  • JobTrack (cites Forbes quote, that it's the "best site for students and recent grads looking for their first job or internship;" claims it's used by 100% of Fortune 500 and over 500,000 other firms, as well as more than 1,000 colleges, universities and MBA programs)
  • JobsOnline
  • TheVault (can search profiles of 3000 of world's top employers)
  • WetFeet
  • Brain Track  Widely referenced publisher of higher education and career resources
  • FinCareer The insiders' perspective on jobs, careers and leadership in the global financial markets.
  • CareerJournal
  • Dice The career hub for high-tech insiders.
  • The Ladder Executive job listings for $100k+ jobs.
  • Start Up Hire Job opportunities at venture-capital backed companies.
  • Net-Temps Temp, temp-to-perm and even full-time positions available.

After you visit one or more of these sites, we'd welcome the opportunity to post your comments and learn of your job search results. When you get a new position, we'd be happy to consider adding it to our Alumni News section of our website. Just send any comments or news to or Douglas Cofer.

Other Sources
America Online also provides useful information for job seekers and entrepreneurs. The keyword "career" will to take you to the AOL Workplace site.

Justin Bradley is a financial recruiting and interim consulting firm serving the DC metro area that was co-founded by a Wharton alum. If you need finance or accounting professionals for your organization, want to explore new opportunities for yourself, or would like some insights into the local job market, contact Andrew Chase at ( or 202-457-8400.

Many D.C. area libraries contain extensive selections of career-related materials. One example is the Bethesda Library on Arlington Road in Bethesda. Besides an extensive selection of books on every aspect of job searches, the library has considerable information on public information and financial magazines and newspapers.

Reference librarians are a terrific resource in finding information, online or in print, that may assist you. This is true in Bethesda, at the Martin Luther King Library (D.C.'s main library), and many other places.

Of course, online resources about companies can also be quite helpful. Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal Interactive,, and Hoover's ( are but four of the sites where you may be able to find what you need.
Alan's email.

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