Wharton Club of DC's Ongoing Commitment to Green & Sustainable Business

Many DC Wharton Club Programs Featured Green Business,
Sustainability, Clean Tech, and Corporate Social Responsibility Themes

Programs with one or more of those facets in 2008 alone include:

  • H.E. Vaclav Klaus, President, Czech Republic, author, "Blue Planet in Green Shackles - What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?," at the National Press Club 5/27 (comp copy of book to all who attend)
  • Sabine O'Hara, Executive Director, Council for Intl. Exchange of Scholars (CIES), "Ecological Economics - The Science of Sustainability" (6/12, National Economists Club )
  • Ted Danson / Oceana Board member (and actor)(2/14)
  • John Hofmeister, Pres., Shell Oil, Energy Security, Supply and Source issues at US Chamber; included discussion of env and renewable issues (2/14)
  • Walter Scheer, Member, German Parliament and Founder, World Renewable Energy Assn (3/6)
  • Richard Simonson, EVP and CFO, Nokia; spoke about sustainability and related issues at Wharton Business Tech Conf 2/29)
  • Israel: Business at 60: Green Business, Corporate Social Responsibility panels, among others (3/3-4)
  • Matt Vanhanen, Prime Minister of Finland (energy supply, source and security, climate change, innovation) (1/14)
  • Bill Marriott, Chairman, Marriott International (Green Marriott program, one of most comprehensive in business) (1/17)
  • Future Automotive Technologies, with auto industry leaders from major American and Japanese mfrs (1/23)
  • Alexandra Cousteau, a co-founder of Earth Echo Intl and granddaughter of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, at the Natl Press Club (5/12)
  • Gary Skulnik, President & Co-Founder, Clean Currents, LLC, a clean energy broker/aggregator operating in several markets (3/26)(click here to learn more )

All of these programs and The Green Business Summit are consistent with the positive and pro-active approach in that book and others, such as Green to Gold and The Clean Tech Revolution, that we've seen. Clint Wilder, co-author of the Clean Tech Revolution, will be speaking at our Summit.

Wharton's new Dean, Thomas Robertson, has voiced his commitment to this path as well. On his selection as Dean, he said, "It is such a great privilege to be returning to Wharton," Robertson said. "I relish the challenge to help build Penn's global footprint and to champion Wharton as a force for good in the world. We have outstanding faculty and students and a dedicated staff and are well positioned to create global economic and social value."

The Wharton Club of DC also has a Nonprofit Roundtable, with Clint O'Brien and Peter Van Allen as Co-Chairs. It meets monthly and has addressed varied issues faced by nonprofits and NGOs. This met with Dean Robertson during his April 16 visit to Washington, DC.


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