Green Business Summit Attracts Outstanding Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners include leading business, alumni groups:
Global associations, Environmental Law Institute
Top b-school groups, such as Wharton, Harvard, Chicago &
Columbia, most of Ivies, G. Mason Bus. Alliance, well-represented

"Our Strategic Partners represent many of the leading business, professional and alumni groups in the nation and world," says Alan Schlaifer, President of the Wharton School Club of Washington, DC, lead organizer for the Green Business Summit. "The Green Wave, driving more revenues and profits, is affecting the way business is done, to an increasing degree in the U.S. and around the world. Our Summit will help delegates ride that wave."

He says, "This is the best group of Strategic Partners we've ever had. Attendees will be able to learn from and network with many of 'the best of the best,' whether as fellow attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors."

"Early signup is the best way for interested persons to guarantee their space and get the best value," says Andrea Essex, the Summit's Executive Director. "Prices rise $50 on May 20, and members of Strategic Partners, together with government and nonprofit employees, get preferred pricing, in addition to the early signup savings."

Mr. Schlaifer says, "We appreciate the outstanding organizations that already support the Summit as Strategic Partners, and others may be added."

This is the latest list:

  • Highly regarded environmental organizations
    • Global Environmental Management Initiatives (GEMI)
    • Joint Ocean Commission Initiative
    • Environmental Law Institute
  • Top business and professional associations, such as:
  • Leading B-School Alumni Groups
    • Chicago Graduate School of Business
    • Columbia Business School
    • Harvard Business School Club of DC
    • INSEAD-US Alumni
    • Kellogg School of Business (Northwestern)
    • London School of Economics (AFLSE)
    • Ross School of Business (Michigan)
    • Stern School of Business (NYU
    • Thunderbird School of Global Management
    • Wharton Clubs of Atlanta, Boston, Central Florida, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Houston, Minnesota, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Northern California, Seattle, Southern California, South Florida and Tampa Bay
    • Other Alumni Groups in DC Area
      • Brown Club
      • Cornell Club
      • Princeton Club
      • Yale Club


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Interested parties may also contact Alan Schlaifer at 301-365-8999, or Andrea Essex at 301-262-8222.