To ADVANCE and SCORE with your idea, your startup, early-stage, or other company, join us on the journey to improve your innovation results. And as you SCORE, you may even CHANGE THE GAME in your business or your industry!



> Next, to improve & run with it, CONNECT with thought - and action - leaders

> Then MEET with potential funding, contract and other resource sources

> And finally have FUN, as you are inspired by diverse achievers across a spectrum of industries.

Following three years of growing success and impact, we have reserved MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017, for the 2017 Innovation Summit: Design & Run Your Innovation Playbook. This continues meeting our goal of connecting innovators to one another and potential resources.

Good news: You don't need to be a Wharton alum to attend and benefit from the Summit. EVERYONE interested in innovation - and moving their career and team forward - is welcome.

This will build on the three successful Summits we've already held, each of which received rave reviews from speakers, attendees and sponsors.

Register now so you YOU can ATTEND, PARTICIPATE IN, COLLABORATE, and BENEFIT from the Summit. Don't miss out - ACT NOW!

TWO KEYNOTES who have achieved great success in their business activities will share innovation and entrepreneurship lessons learned, and a GENERAL SESSION PANEL will explore major disruptors and trends:

  • DAVID TRONE, Owner of Total Wine & More, now a fast-growing $2.5 Billion category leader continuing to expand at a double-digit rate, will be our luncheon keynote. From a tiny startup, David has used innovation, entrepreneurship, vision, a dedicated and well-educated staff with varied talents to power a company that has become the world's largest independent in their category.
  • REGGIE AGGARWAL, Founder and CEO of Cvent, will inspire attendees with lessons he has learned on the path to success fueled in significant part by innovation, but overcoming huge obstacles, and with a $1.1 Billion Private Equity buyout in 2016.
  • We feature a PANEL OF TOP C-LEVEL INNOVATORS from to explore trends, huge opportunities, & challenages in the U.S. and abroad in Mega-Technologies: artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, & IoT (Internet of Things) that are fueling growth

CLICK HERE for a listing of the four sessions (and speakers) in each of our Six Tracks:

  • Track 1: Urban Innovation
  • Track 2: Healthcare
  • Track 3: Tech Advances & Challenges (Drones, Cyber, Blockchain)
  • Track 4: Funding Options (VC, Angel, Crowdfunding Workshop) and EdTech
  • Track 5: Govt. Innovation, IP (Intellectual Property), Social Impact Investing
  • Track 6: Innovative Entrepreneurship: Special Resources & More

Or click HERE to view our WhartonDCInnovation.com website with the latest information about Sessions and Speakers.


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(IF NOT WHARTON CLUB MEMBER, must list the name of your Strategic Partner / Govt. Agency / Nonprofit / Veteran (please enter mil. branch) under Special Instructions when you register. Thank you. And you're welcome to join the Wharton Club, if you'd like, to save.

ALL FULL ACCESS passes are all-inclusive for FULL DAY of Summit, FULL ACCESS PASS - to all sessions, breaks, reception, meals (breakfast & lunch), plus mobile app with session, speaker and attendee data:

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 Wharton Club Members & Guests

  179 199    

Strategic Partner Members/Guests;

Full-Time Non-Profit, Academia & Govt. Employees


  179 199    
General Public   279 299    
Students & U.S. Veterans    99 99    


8:00AM - 8:00PM Mon 25 Sep 2017 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Bethesda North Conference Center & Marriott Hotel
5901 Marinelli Road
North Bethesda, MD 20852 USA

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Look Who's Coming:

Carl Anku
  Xyster Consulting
Darrell Mottley
  Banner Witcoff LTD
Michel Poirier
Frank Azuola
James Fangmeyer
  Triumph Partners
Anne Hefter
Barry Michael
  Biomedical Commercialization LLC
Igor Eberstein
  Eberstein Research & Consulting
Neil Wasserman
  Timewave Analytics, LLC
Amy Gleklen
  Vistage Worldwide
Jonathan Lang
  Chamber Advisors LLC
Stephanie Katz
  CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC
Bill Rever
  WB Rever Associates
Steve Lebischak
  Asius Technologies
Robert Sahadi
  Institute for Market Transformation
Anne Lantry
Guest of Anne Lantry
Helen Qubain
Gus Williamson
Rod Azama
  The Chancellor Group
Terence Winsky
George Ballman
Claire Levinson
Philo Collins
Kim Nguyen
Donna Florence
Ghazenfer Mansoor
  Technology Rivers
Ramsey Taylor
Geoffrey Hart
  J.P. Morgan
Neeraj Nityanand
Officers TBD
  Montgomery County Economic Development Corp
Arlene Marie Lorica, MD
Arlene Marie Lorica, MD
Michael Flecker
Dan Coffing
silveth khawaja
Dave Lindsay
Keary Crawford
Adam Newman
Kelly Parsons
Lucien Parsons
  OpsCat Consulting
Ashish Bhatia
Marla Mendelson
Marvin Petry
  Stites and Harbison
James Hayne
  Stites and Harbison
Marya Pickering
Karen Simons
Adin Alai
Anthony Millin, Esq.
  Shulman Rogers
Anthony Millin's Guest
  Shulman Rogers
Guest of Anthony Millin
  Shulman Rogers
Guest of Anthony Millin
  Shulman Rogers
Guest of Anthony Millin
  Shulman Rogers
Guest of Anthony Millin
  Shulman Rogers
Vinod Jain
Myron Thomas
Lisa Benjamin
William Stern
  Houston Bike Share
David Gilson
  Guild Partners LLC
Joe Abrenio
Julia White
  Booz Allen
Barry Einsig
Sara Haq
Ed Connors
Margaret Gendron
Karyn W Folan
Minha Do
  Ingenium Consulting
David Almassian
Ahmad Beyranvand
  Chicago Booth
Ahmad Beyranvand
  Beyran Inc
David Hilger
Lawrence Schaefer
Ellis Rosenberg
Richard Greene
  RGA Business Advisory & Venture Funding
Maryam Mosstoufi
Mary Gotschall
Majed Tomeh
  Veriphyr, Inc.
Andrea Stover
  Harvard Club of DC
Justin Chiles
Ola Sage
Mark Baldino
John Holaday
Isabelle de Montagu
Sandra Garrett
Lynn Chia
Krysia Solheim
Lauren Vance
Rosemarie Savino
  ExecSolutions, LLC
Charles Sills
Katherine Thomas
  Ankura Consulting
Neeran Saraf
David He
Steven Kubisen
Jerry Comanescu
lisa donnan
Paul Peou
Cheryl Ginyard-Jones
  ECIT Group
Brian Han
Keesha Crosby
  Tri-Guard Risk Solutions
Alan Schlaifer, Chairman
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Lee Dudka, Senior Advisor
Ruwan Salgado, CEO
  Strat8gy International, LLC
Tom Glendening, CEO & Founder
Joyce Hunter, CEO
  Vulcan Enterprises & Fmr. Dep. CIO, USDA
Sue Hamilton, CEO
  Innovative Enterprise
Iman Rehmatullah
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Michael Pistorio, Esq.
  Northstar IP Law
Ali Qureshi, Managing Director
  Surdak & Company
Jonathan Schlaifer, Esq.
  Northstar IP Law
Al Muñoz
Rosemary McAvoy, CEO
  American Sustainabilty Leadership Council
Steve Buckley, Chief Content Officer
  Bangarang Books
Greg Cullison, CEO
  Big Sky Associates
Kimberlie Cerrone, JD, CEO & Founder
  Tiatros, Inc.
Dr. Kim Norman, MD., Professor
  Univ. of California, San Francisco
Dr. Marni Falk, M.D., Assoc. Prof.
  Children's Hospital of Phila. & Penn's Perelman Med. School
William Cunningham, CEO
  Creative Investment Research
Joaquin Aviles Lopez, CEO & Co-Founder
Bill Zielinski
Avi Bender
  US Dept of Commerce, NTIS
Patrick Hoffman, Product Coordinator
Philipp Meyer-Schmeling, CEO
  Noa Technologies
Scott Kolber, CEO
Starling Childs, CEO
Tim Meyer, Associate Partner
  IBM Global Bus. Serv., IoT Center of Competency
Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Founder & CEO
Elena Christopoulos
  San Monica
Josh Yu, Co-Founder
Ario Keshani, CEO
Patrick Halligan
Holly Parker
  Noa Technologies
David Bither, Managing Director
  ForwardTrace LLC
Reggie Aggarwal, Founder & CEO
David Trone, President & Owner
  Total Wine & More
Asim Hussain (inv)
  Bloom Energy
Sven Etzelsberger, CTO
Paul DeMaio
Derrick Ko
Ilya Movshovich
Mark Goldstein, Deputy CISO
Doug Copley, Deputy CISO
Jordan Engel, President
  Engel Imagery
Joel Coulter, VP
  AUVSI DC Chapter
Gail Gilbert Ball, Managing Partner
  Chestnut Street Ventures
Laurent Balagué, Founder & CEO
  forMetris (EdTech)
Julia Taxin, Vice President
  Grotech Ventures
Kevin Marz, Dir.-Training Div.
  Tech 2000, Inc.
Mike Beirne, Principal
  Vetted Capital & Founder MissionEntrepreneur.org
Rick Yost, Esq.
  CEO Sector 180 (US Army-Ret)
Nick Baucom
  Two Marines Moving (USMC-Ret)
Will Amos, Founder
  VeteransList (USMC-Ret)
Jean-Francois Orsini, PhD, CEO
  DeskPup, LLC
Tien Wong, CEO
Antonio Chen, Associate
Regan Nelson, Marketing & Events Mgr
Paul Opalack, CEO
  Noblestar Capital
Kendall Almerico, Esq., CEO
  Bankroll Ventures
Lenard Marcus, Partner
  Edison Partners (VC)
Randy Domolky, Co-Founder, Man. Dir.
  Private Access Network (Angels)
Bruce Carlson, Director
Tony Halladay, Div. Chief
  U.S. Customers & Border Protection
Darryl Peek, Cyber Sec. Strategist
  US Dept. of Homeland Security
James McCartney, Principal
  Truvincio (USNavy & USAF-Ret)
Bill Zielinski, Dep. Asst Comm.
  Fed. Acquisition Service, GSA
G. Nagesh Rao, CTO
  US Small Business Administration
Avi Bender, Director
  Natl. Tech. Info. Service, US Dept of Commerce
Jason Stern, CEO
  Braddock Communications
Mark Levine, General Partner
  Core Capital Partners (VC)
Joe Kessler, Managing Partner
  Next Stage Development Group
Brian Funk, CEO
David Petr, CEO
   Mont. Cty. Econ. Dev. Corp
Carlyn Lowery
Sandy Vasan
Chris Gavin, CEO
  Digitech Marketing
Stephan Demczuk, PhD, Founder & CEO
Hon. Roger Berliner, President
  Montgomery County Council
Dee Metz, White Flint Coord.
  Montgomery Cty. Govt.
Sandra Moscoso
Leif Jackson
Pramod Raheja, CEO
  Airgility, Inc.
Karen Kwok
Sergi Mata
  Catalonia Trade & Investment
HW Radin
Victor Rhoder
Kearney Shanahan
  The Shanahan Law Firm LLC
Kearney Shanahan
Becca Collins
Andrew Clausnitzer
  Victory Six Advisors
Charles Kriete
Ashish Chona
Sri Ramachandran
Michael Joseph
  Prime Dimensions, LLC
Jeffrey Krasney
Bruce Carhart
  Bruce Carhart & Associates LLC
Diana Liberto
Imran Hussain
Jonathan Cohen
  20/20 Gene Systems
Colin Roche
Colin Roche
Colin Roche
John O'Malley
Arianna Koudounas
  Metro. Council of Govts.
AJ Jaghori
Guest of AJ Jaghori
Guest of AJ Jaghori
Joseph Komisar
  Anybill Financial Services
... a total of 235 guests.
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