This is the transformation of something you - and each of us - has done at some point. Whether for a company website, or your LinkedIn or other social media photo, or just for personal purposes, you've used a photo that - hopefully - makes you look good. Such portraits and headshots are usually pretty mundane, right?

Not necessarily. What about TRANSFORMING the concept of such a shot? What about making it unique, creative, MEMORABLE in a positive way, that could LEAD TO MORE ATTENTION, AND MAYBE EVEN MORE BUSINESS?

That's what Dave Swartz, nephew of our fellow alum and Wharton DC member Bob Swartz, did recently. Dave is the Executive Director of Art Direction and Design at one of America's top ad agencies, CP&B, in Boulder, Colorado. They've won many awards for their work, for Fortune 500 and other top companies.

And faced with the task of presenting his NEW look tdurer-1o the world, Dave came up with a brainstorm:. Why not look like one of the great masters of the art world, one who was very successful, not a starving artist, the great German, Albrecht Dürer, with initials, AD so apt for an ad agency, and used by the Art Directors group?

We invite you to click this link to learn more and view this REMARKABLE TRANSFORMATION - labeled by ADWEEK as "the Best Agency Headshot Ever" and then read on to learn what it could mean to YOU:

CLICK HERE, to "get the picture(s), literally"!

Here's what ADWEEK says, "The result is pretty stunning. It’s a remarkable re-creation of the Dürer (1500 AD - an apt date and initials for a Christlike) painting, from the hair and makeup right down to the custom-made coat."

What did it take to do create this remarkable transformation? The IDEA, of course. But also a year, for EXECUTION, with dozens of hours to work with a team of experts, such as:

  • A photographer who had taken photos that looked like oil paintings
  • A propmaker to create the coat
  • Stylists to do the hair, including extensions and makeup

And, of course, much PERSISTENCE by Dave and his colleagues in seeing the vision from concept to creation. For so many ideas, even the greatest ones, involve what Thomas Edison described as "1% inspiration, 99% perspiration."


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And the article below gives you more information about what you can learn

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