ACQUISITIONS: Will the Government Buy My Innovative Products & Services?

Technology changes fast, while the federal government struggles—and usually fails—to update its procurement policies to match.

  • b2g.-keyboardIt's not a new problem, but it continues to be an ever-present challenge.
  • Example: If the way feds procure IT – spending some $90 billion each year, 80% of it to maintain legacy technology and old investments – does not change, industry and government acquisition experts fear a decline in the development of new IT solutions and innovations that could otherwise improve government. The government is at a crossroads in dealing with how it purchases IT.
  • This panel of acquisition experts and thought leaders will share how they are instituting creative ways to bring new technologies (and companies) to enable the federal government’s mission and address the ways in which they are assisting both agencies and private sector companies with visibility and accessibility to tools and technologies that in the past could take years to procure.
  • If you want to get your piece of the shrinking federal government pie, you need to be at this session: 
  • Track 5: 11:00am - 12:15pm​
    • Join us at the 4th Annual Innovation Summit for this in-depth review of this important topic that affects government contractors and consulants.


Avi Bender, Director, Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service

Al Muñoz, GSA Federal Acquisition Service, Natl. Capital Region, Special Projects

G. Nagesh Rao, SBA Chief Technologist and Geek-in-Residence

Bill Zielinski, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Category Management, GSA, Federal Acquisition Service, Information Technology Category (ITC)procurement-word-cloud