Three Top Experts Address Innovative Uses of Drones Now & in the Future

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  • David BitherManaging Director, ForwardTrace, LLC; (202.538.4000)
    • Mr. David Bither has over 20 years’ leadership experience in business strategy and corporate and technology development within the defense, aerospace and national security industries. He is the Managing Director of ForwardTrace, LLC, a company focused on strategy and portfolio development for the emerging situational awareness and remote sensing market. He co-founded and chaired the Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Technology Consortium (ISRTC), an international group of 84 industry, academic and not-for-profit organizations focused on developing the market for unmanned systems, communications and sensor payloads and data analytics to the defense, national security and commercial market sector.  
    • David was a senior advisor to the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) and performed executive portfolio analysis with JIEDDO (Joint IED Defeat Organization). He served as an ISR subject matter expert and developed future architectures for DoD sponsored studies examining the department’s emerging ISR requirements.  
    • Prior to starting a business career, David was a career Army officer serving in several operational, command, and senior staff positions. David has an MS in Information Systems Technology from The George Washington University. He graduated from Harvard University’s Executive Studies program and the Defense Acquisition University’s Defense Systems Management College and is certified in both Systems Engineering and Program Management.
  • Mr. Joel Coulter, Director of Business Development, Honeycomb Networks Inc.,
    • Joel Coulter has successfully launched two UAS companies EchoStorm Worldwide,
    • LLC and KSI Data Sciences. While with EchoStorm, Joel captured business with DHS NOC, Defense, First Responder, and Border and Port Security clients addressing their ability to integrate Unmanned Systems situational awareness capabilities with their other fixed security/surveillance systems. He was a Board member of DC-Chapter AUVSI and National Defense University’s Star-Tides Committee, and led Counter-Terrorism, Humanitarian Assistance, and Stability UAS exercise and training programs involving U.S. and global partners with next gen ICT/ISR and Unmanned Systems innovations.
    • Joel worked with a team to set up a UAS Consortium and led a team with UAVPRO that enabled Fort Pickett to become a National Guard UAS Center of Excellence. During the grant proposal process, Joel worked with Gary Haines now in Oregon to gather over $4.5M In-Kind Unmanned Systems contributions that could be matched by Virginia’s Tobacco Commission grant. Over the last two years Joel has been working to form the Secure Chain and the DVA-Consortiums ability to capture global Border, Port, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Logistics and Supply, Agriculture and
    • Energy business involving UAS. Joel’s most recent work to advance Non-DoD UAS business can be seen at www.ksivideo.comdrone-delivering-box-package-on-delivery-flight
  • Jordan Engel, President, Engel Imagery,
  • Jordan Engel is an innovation expert and a long-time drone practitioner.
  • Jordan joined the DC Drones User Group soon after its founding in 2012. Its 2700 members are a diverse group of engineers, pilots, and policy experts that work to expand UAVs in society, including art, search and rescue, conservation, mapping, and dozens of uses more. We also look at topics like safety, and privacy that give adoption pause. He bought his first drone soon after, and abandoned the trickier art of RC helicopter flying. This was back when drones looked less like Apple products as they
  • do now, and more like some plumbing equipment ate too many calculators and threw up on themselves. His neighbors are the harbingers of a world in which drones’ hover over our backyards and outside our windows. Much of his technology work is in aerospace, defense, and intelligence (DHS S&T, NGA, NASA, Lockheed Martin, DOD) focusing on information exchange, situational awareness, and process improvement. He also works with entrepreneurs, coaching them from good ideas to sustainable businesses. This work is both in defense (DOD Velociter), and with organizations with social and environmental impact (Clean Tech Open, Global Social Benefit Incubator).
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